It’s very important to clean properly your vaping device to achieve an optimal vape performance. For instance, many vapes accumulate residues that will affect its performance. Therefore, cleaning vape coils is essential to get the best flavor and vapor production.

In addition, some e-juices tend to gunk up the vape coils, specially e-juices that have a high concentration of vegetable glycerin. Furthermore, an obstructed coil affects both flavor and vapor production.

Cleaning vape coils and keeping them in good conditions isn’t very difficult. Moreover, by cleaning them, you will also prevent flavor ghosting. In other words, flavor ghosting happens when you feel the flavor of previous e-liquids. This is more common if you vaped e-liquids with strong flavors such as coffee, menthol or tobacco. This can happen even if you change your coil head.

Furthermore, sometimes new coils and vapes smell like industrial oil. This happens because many vapes have been lubricated with industrial oils and it is possible that you feel the smell of it.

Cleaning you vape coils is also fundamental if you are into RBA atomizers. RBA atomizers need more inspection and cleaning than standard atomizers.

Cleaning Vape Coils: How to do it?

It’s not a difficult process. Firstly, take the coil out and dissemble it. Remember how all pieces fit together and don’t loose any of the pieces.

If your tank is quite clean, then rinse water will work to clean it. Put all pieces under running water and then proceed to dry them with some paper towel.

There are some other products that could be used to clean the vape tank such as baking soda, ethanol and even cheap vodka.

But let’s focus this post on how to clean your coils. Cleaning vape coils is an easy process and we will explain you some easy steps you need to follow in order to get the best of your coils.

  • Firstly, soak your coils in ethanol, vinegar or cheap vodka.
  • Rinse it well under tap water.
  • The blow air and let it dry until all water has evaporated.

Cleaning Your Vape and Different Coil Materials

Coils come in many different materials; some coil wires accumulate more residues than others. The most common coil materials are: Kanthal, nichrome, stainless steel, nickel and titanium.

Stainless steel and titanium wires are more durable than Kanthal or nichrome. Therefore, they tend to accumulate more residues than the other coil materials.

Titanium wires have a high performance and they deliver very good flavor. However, they are only suitable with temperature control vapes.

You need to pay special attention to keep clean your coils if you use either stainless steel or titanium wires.

For standard coils, you don’t need to worry that much about cleaning them. Just replace them the moment you feel that the vapor doesn’t taste as it should.


Cleaning your vape coils is important for good flavor and vapor production. You can use both tap water and products such as ethanol to clean your vapes. Finally, don’t forget to dry all the pieces before you assemble your atomizer. It’s an easy process that can drastically improve our vaping experience.