Can you guess what new Aspire Product our mad scientists are creating?

When is the next Aspire product going to be released? If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question I would be well on my way to retirement. Our engineers keep their doors shut tight like Fort Knox. Not even we know ourselves. Just like you out there I always wonder when the next innovation will turn up and what kind of device it might be. So we thought it might be fun to get all of you involved in our office guessing game. Some here in our office think it will be a temperature controlled mod, another said a new coil, a new tank was suspected as well, and a new battery. Nobody has any idea. We all agree that a new product will be released soon though, but we have no specific date for that either.


So join the fun and tell us what you think the next product will be. A tank? A mod, if so what kind? (temperature control, high wattage, small handheld) A new coil design? An improvement on sliced bread? Its anyone’s guess what our mad scientists are cooking up behind the closed doors to their secret lair. To get in on the fun all you need to do is take a guess at what we will release next. Please be specific though. We will not accept vague answers. (Eg. “tank”, “mod”…etc) We want to know exactly what you think it will be. A new temperature control mini box mod? A new subohm tank? The day we release our next product we will choose five of you who have guessed correctly and these five lucky individuals will receive a prize from Aspire.



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  2. Charles Manthy on

    It will be a “Rebuildable Drip Atomizer” with airflow control on the base and the drip tip, colored anodized aluminum heat shield, flexible battery attachment and removable hog-fop!

  3. I’m pretty sure it will be a temp control device. At least I hope so anyway!

  4. Curtis Williams on

    Two at the same time… First is the CF MAXX “Plus” that will have digital display and 70+ Watts to go along with the second… The Atlantis rebuildable tank… Call it the Atlantis V2 Plus.

  5. Well, you have one the best subohm tanks out there, so no rush on that. So the only actually logical choice is a proper mod. The 30W is all well and good, but in the days of subohm tanks, more power is needed. Also, ill be the first in line to get that mod.

  6. violetcherry on

    Well you don’t have any RTA’s yet, a lot of users have openly stated other tanks have RB decks in them, Aspires lack that, so that would be something good to be working on, Maybe nano bot’s that clean your tanks for your and re coil them too, don’t drop glass bead in your tank, tear open a pouch of nanobots – not to be mixed with the sea monkey sachet, and let them get to work lol.

  7. @Tina I would love to see a Sub-Ohm Tank with the option of a RBA device/deck & option to use the premade OCC Coils on a Temp Controlled Mini Box Mod? I’m hoping this is what the mad scientists are creating for us Aspire Fans. It would be amazing to be guessing correctly, so I could be one of the lucky Aspire Lovers to try this out.. :)>-

    An Atlantis V2 upgraded size replacement tank(5ml or 6 ml) accessory is hopefully in the works down the road or in the near future.. (Just a sidenote)

  8. XDipper Vapes on

    It’s a new sub-ohm tank with top fill and a RBA section named Triton = Prince of the Sea

  9. “5 that guessed correctly”.. let’s see.. 1…2… ? Oooh ooooh, I know.;) Might it be…. an awesome sub-ohm style, top filling (woot woot) tank?? One that uses coils that will be backwards compatible w/ the Aspire Atlantis/AtlantisV2, for convenience of those already having that tank? One that will offer a wide variety of uses to all types of users? (maybe.. just guessing here.. lol… A 0.3/0.4 ohm -ish, “innovative” food grade s/s coil… + this time, also a 1.8ohm Kanthal option, for true mouth/lung vapers? (a category that’s been neglected & truly needed an update for some time now, imho… so well done!) Perhaps it’ll even offer the RBA section so many have been wanting & asking for, on their Atlantis tanks, as well as Ni200 coil replacements too? The biggest improvement tho, imho, would be to utilize “food grade stainless steel” material made coils (as only 1 other has done so far; in a conflict of interest, won’t mention which/who.. tho can say the flavor/performance & ESP longevity of coils has been stellar in ’em! Quite a noticeable improvement vs. all the other sub ohm style tanks I’ve bought so far.. most vaping super similarly to each other, if being completely honest! (ugh, naaah, no need to count.. let’s just go with, “wayyy too many” LOL) Have been HOPING others will use that material in their coils, for those very reasons. Not sure what/why/how.. there IS definitely something to be said for coils made of S/S rather than kanthal tho, whatever the reason is. On that ‘other’ product, my original coil still vapes as amazingly as it did on day 1 (& these coils.. shhhhh! since ummm, they haven’t happened yet according to my story here..LOL… >2wks now & still going super STRONG!) All of which, is why it would be esp.great if Aspire were to end up using that same coil material. IN fact, maybe they should even call it something like… ohhh IDK…… the TRITON perhaps?? Of course, that’s just a suggestion. 😉 wink. Been vaping for >4 yrs now & have really enjoyed MANY Aspire products so far! The BDC/BVC were some of the first coils/tanks I actually felt good suggesting to people, actually. I do wish the AtlantisV2 AND this one… held a little bit more liquid, but…. having TOP fill now, it’s not ‘as’ bad refilling more often. I usually don’t enter contests (which stinks, btw) since I’m never sure when/if I’d be able to check back in time to claim the prize.. This one tho, idk.. just couldn’t resist! If, of course, my answer was chosen as one of the correct ones (if only it were based on creativity alone? teehee 😉 wink!) that would be super! It’s the new Aspire Triton for the win tho, folks… Definitely one you’ll want to go pick up; that’s not.. like all the rest. That much, I can tell ya for sure! (HA… oopsie!… yep, even BEFORE it exists… lol) Would be SO awesome if chosen to win a big Aspire prize of any kind! 🙂 So thank you, for the chance…. LIVE LONG(er) PEEPS… & VAPE ON! Amanda/IL