Vaping is increasingly becoming a trend, and more publications start to appear talking about vaping and mouth problems. However, most of these publications are confusing.

On one hand, we have the publications from the vaping companies. Above all, these publications tend to highlight the positive aspects of vaping.

For instance, it helps smokers to quit the smoking habit or they highlight the benefits of CBD vaping as an anxiety treatment. In addition, many publications pinpoint that vaping doesn’t produce noxious odors.

On the other hand, there are many associations worried about the health effects of vaping. However, these associations tend to focus on misleading information.

In other words, they have been commissioned to write about its negative effects. Hence, these publications tend to focus on topics such as: popcorn lungs and vaping, “wet lungs”, toxicities, inflammations…etc.

It is important to remark that these studies are not based on any qualitative or quantitative scientific methodology. Nonetheless, we welcome any information that is useful for vaping users and for the vaping industry.

The truth is, vaping hasn’t been around for a long time. Hence, that’s the main reason to distrust any reports about vaping and its long-term health effects.

Vaping and oral problems

As previously mentioned, there is still not enough scientific data to assure that vaping causes mouth problems. Nonetheless, there are many websites with gruesome images of teeth decay or even mouth injuries caused by the explosion of a vaping device.

Any pictures of cavities of tooth decay shown in articles about vaping aren’t real. Vaping doesn’t cause tooth decay, it’s a myth!

Vaping and nicotine

One of the common problems is that vaping nicotine still brings users into contact with nicotine. Nicotine reduces blood flow to the gums and mouth in general. Thus, it has a negative impact in our mouth and teeth.

However, there are studies that prove the positive effects of nicotine gum in teeth stain reduction. So, why should vaping be worse that a nicotine gum? Again, most of the available information is confusing . To clarify, let’s not forget that vaping is a booming industry.

E-cigarettes don’t result in bad breath, tooth decay or discoloration. As a matter of fact, any smoker that changes from smoking to vaping nicotine will experience many positive effects.

For instance, what causes smokers yellowish teeth is the direct exposure to tar and other chemicals present in common cigarettes. In addition, it also weakens the enamel (the visible part of the tooth).

Vaping and mouth problems: can Vaping stain your teeth?

Many people worry about getting teeth stains after vaping. However, vapers shouldn’t worry about it as vaping doesn’t cause any stains. Additionally, if you vape nicotine, you won’t inhale tar and other chemicals that stain your teeth (among many others and more dangerous health effects).

Both smokers and vapers should, however, think about the side effects brought by nicotine. Nicotine reduces the production of saliva, which contributes to the buildup of bacteria and plaque.

As usual, when a new product appears, many myths and negative news emerge. Some might be true, but in general, they are just pure myths or very specific and rare cases. There is absolutely no evidence that vaping stains your teeth or that it harms your gums.

Sustained injuries caused by vaping devices

Another common concern about vaping and oral health is the possibility that the vaping device explodes. We can find news about a man who died because of a vaping explosion or a teen whose jaw got shattered after his e-cigarette exploded on his face.

CNN news interviewed a doctor who states, “people need to know before they buy these devices that there’s a possibility they’re going to blow up in your pocket, in your face”.

To clarify, we don’t know what kind of device these users had and if they had passed all the necessary quality controls and regulations. However, what we know is that these sensational news don’t inform society about this booming industry.

Are vaping devices safe?

As all the electronic devices, e-cigarettes have a battery. If the device is of poor quality or if it’s damaged, then it is possible that an accident might happen.

In spite of that, we can’t demonize e-cigarettes just because of some accidents and sensationalism. Don’t get fooled by sensational news and do your research! Aspire has passed all the quality requirements. Furthermore, we haven’t known of a single Aspire user that has been injured by using one of our vaping devices.

Importance of quality assurance

Our quality assurance and controls are first class. You can rest assured that all top vaping and e-cigarette brands are very strict to meet all the quality requirements. No company wants unsatisfied users!

In addition, as many other electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries vaping devices carry the same fire risk. Moreover, blaming the fire of a vaping device is like blaming all cell phones because one brand finds a manufacturing defect in their batteries that results in fire.

All electronic devices carry some fire risk

I remember the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, when many phones were replaced for new ones due to manufacturing defects in their batteries. As a consequence, Samsung had to replace the defected units for new models with a new battery supplier. However, just a few months after its release the phone had to be discontinued.

In conclusion, this incident didn’t come without consequences, as Samsung’s operating profits dropped 33%.

Certainly, we can’t guarantee the safety of all vaping devices, but we guarantee that top brands are very safe with many strict inspections.

Conclusion: top vaping brands are SAFE

In conclusion, vapers should research about their e-cigarette brand and about e-juices and their compounds. Furthermore, before buying a vaping device, do your research and only choose top vaping brands.

Moreover, there are no evidence of vaping causing any mouth problems, cavities, serious injuries or mouth sores. Subsequently, the negative effects of vaping are in general written by associations that are against the vaping industry.

To sum up, to avoid any problems, we recommend you to only trust top vaping brands. We have a wide range of products that suit all kind of vapers: CBD vaping, flavor e-juices or nicotine vapers.

Enjoy vaping!


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