Most of e-liquids are either nicotine e-liquid or non-nicotine ones. However, there are also e-liquids containing other substances such as vitamins or caffeine e-liquids. A caffeine vape usually combines nicotine and caffeine. A combination of caffeine and nicotine will increase alertness and concentration. On the other hand, a combination of caffeine and nicotine may increase heartbeat, nervousness, and perspiration.

What is Caffeine?

A caffeine vape acts as a central nervous system stimulant. Caffeine is considered the world’s most consumed psychoactive substance and it is legal and unregulated. It is found in many plants in Africa, East Asia and South America and it help to protect plants from insects.

Caffeine has been researched for its properties and protective effects against diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. However, some people experience increase anxiety and insomnia if the consume caffeine. The US FDA has classified caffeine as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

There are many plants that contain caffeine. The two most common ones are Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora. Other plants that contain caffeine are cocoa plants such as Theobroma cacao, tea plants or kola nuts.

There are many products that contain caffeine like coffee, tea, energy drinks, soft drinks, chocolate and also inhalation products.

What is a Caffeine Vape?

A caffeine vape is just a vape that contains a caffeine e-liquid. When you vape caffeine or any other substance, it enters the bloodstream much faster than if you ingest it. Consequently, a caffeine vape will give you a faster dose of caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Caffeine vapes are controversial with some sources claiming that nicotine needs to be heated at lower temperatures than nicotine for an effective vaporization. In addition, some scientists are skeptic about caffeine vapes. These sources claim that we don’t have enough research on caffeine absorption through the lungs. Moreover, you will get much higher caffeine doses if you drink coffee than vaping them. In short, you will have to vape lots of caffeine vapes to get the same effect as a cup of coffee.

We need more information about the effectiveness of caffeine vapes. In addition, vaping caffeine doesn’t really get that much sense as caffeine is never combusted like nicotine. Let’s remember that vaping was first invented as a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

Is it Risky to Vape Caffeine?

We cannot affirm that vaping is entirely safe.  However, the risks of inhaling caffeine would be similar to risks of inhaling non-nicotine or nicotine e-juices. The risks of vaping caffeine are probably the same as vaping any other e-liquid.

It will not be more dangerous than any other e-liquid, but you will not probably find that much motivation to vape caffeine. Nicotine vaping is a way of inhaling nicotine without burning the plant material. On the other hand, a coffee drinker will not have the motivation to vape caffeine and risk any reason to expose the lungs to a potential risk. In short, it is not necessary.

Some caffeine vapes have been promoted as a way to have coffee when you are on the go. In other words, a way to get an energy boost without actually drinking coffee.

Caffeine e-liquids have been marketed as a fast and efficient alternative to coffee beverages. For instance, they state that coffee takes time to prepare while a caffeine vape is just about inhaling and that’s all. Nonetheless, there are also instant coffee drinks that takes just a few seconds to prepare and there is not a real need for a caffeine vape. Therefore, considering its potential risks, caffeine vapes were just a passing fad.

Caffeine Vape: Conclusion

A caffeine vape may not have enough caffeine in them to be effective stimulants. In addition, we don’t know that much about its potential risks. We know that vaping is an effective alternative to tobacco or cannabis smoking, but there is not a real need to switch from coffee beverages to coffee vapes.

You can try a caffeine vape with nicotine, but we don’t recommend you combine both substances. What’s more, you can easily enjoy your coffee with your favorite nicotine vapes.