The new trends in vaping are directed towards the development of pod mods. However, there are still many fans of the classic box mods. Aspire has launched two new mods or box mods, the Aspire Deco Kit and the Aspire MIXX mod. The latter one is a side by side mod but we can include it in the “box mod vape” category as well.

A box mod vape is characterized by its versatility and customization. For instance, a box mod vape could be combined with different atomizers, tanks and drip tips. Moreover, there are also RBA atomizers suitable for vapers who like tinkering with coils and bring vape customization to the next level.

Aspire Box Mods: The Side-by-Side MIXX Mod

The Aspire MIXX mod is a versatile box mod vape classified as a “side-by-side” mod. This mod is as a versatile vaping device. It is highly customizable with the possibility to switch from an 18650 mod to a portable 18350 device.

A side by side box mod is just a mod where the atomizer is placed on the side of the mod instead of the top like most of standard mods. Many vapers like this form factor as they think it looks cool and because it is ergonomic and easy to vape.

The MIXX mod is compatible with most of 510 tanks in the market, but we recommend you vape it with the Aspire GT tank for a MTL or restricted DTL vaping experience.

Aspire Deco: New Box Mod Vape

The Aspire Deco is a new box mod vape designed as a classic sub-ohm device. It’s simple to use and it is compatible with both 18650 and 21700 batteries. This box mod vape is designed for a DTL vaping style. Furthermore, it’s more powerful than the Mixx Mod as it is intended to be used with sub-ohm tanks.

There are many kinds of box mod vapes and some of them come with lots of features and settings. However, the Aspire Deco Kit is a classic vape with a simple and easy to use OLED screen and the standard and basic vape settings.

Box Mods or Pod Mods?

It is a new vape trend, the pod mods. They are everywhere and they have almost the same features as classic box mod vapes. Both pod mods and classic box mod vapes are very similar. Nonetheless, a pod mod usually reaches up to 60-80 watts while a sub-ohm box mod vape can reach up to 200 watts.

We can define pod mods as a natural evolution of traditional pod systems. Many vapers want portable vapes but with the features of powerful mods.

However, most of pod mods come with plastic pods while a good box mod vape usually comes with Pyrex glass tanks. Acrylic glass is a transparent thermoplastic. It’s often considered a cheap alternative to high-end Pyrex glasses. For example, if you compare the screen of a high-end phone and a cheap-end phone, then you will notice that mostly all cheap phones are made of acrylic glass while the high-end ones are made of Pyrex-glass or gorilla glass.

If you’re looking for a more watts and vapor, then a box mod vape is the best option for you!

Box Mod Vapes: Conclusion

Most of new vapes are pod mods now. However, many vapers still prefer classic box mods with Pyrex glass tanks. In addition, a box mod vape is the best option for vapers who prefer powerful mods for sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing. Aspire latest box mod vapes are the Aspire side-by-side mod and the new Aspire Deco Kit.

Aspire has all types of vaping devices. If you prefer mods, then you can choose from many different ones, from MTL and restricted DTL ones to powerful sub-ohm ones like the Aspire Dynamo. On the other hand, if you prefer pod mods, then you can vape the BP60 , which is one of our latest designs.


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