Have you decided to start vaping? Do you want to switch from smoking to vaping? I know, it is a bit difficult to choose the best vape kit for beginners. Moreover, there are so many options that sometimes is overwhelming.

There are so many vaping devices with different sizes, wattage, voltage, airflow options, modes. Is it better a pod system or a vape pen? Perhaps a mod? Well, for a newbie, some vapes are easier to use than other and it also depends on your vaping preferences. For instance, some vapers opt to vape more than one vaping device and they use them for different situations. In addition, you need to choose the right e-liquid for you, nicotine strength and VG:PG ratio. Let’s dive in!

Vaping Newbies and Best Vape Kit for Beginners

Aspire PockeX, a starter kit.
Aspire PockeX, a starter kit.

Most of vaping companies recommend what they define as a “starter kit”, which is basically a vaping device that is ready to vape. In other words, a simple pen-style vape with prefilled cartridges. However, there are also starter kits with refillable tanks such as the Tigon Kit. In addition, many pod systems are also ideal for vaping newbies.

There are mainly three kind of vaping devices: mods, pods and pen-style vapes. Mods are more powerful, with more settings such as adjustable wattage and voltage. In short, mods are a bit more complicated than pod systems and pen-style vapes.

Pod systems are usually easier to use than a mod. Nonetheless, there are many new pod systems that come with LED screen and that have adjustable wattage and voltage in the same way as powerful mods.

The third type, the pen-style vapes, are much easier to use. This kind of vapes are commonly auto-draw devices with non-adjustable airflow and bypass mode with no adjustable wattage or voltage.

We can say that the best vape kit for beginners are both pod systems and pen-style vapes.

What do I Need to Consider before Starting Vaping?

The Aspire Minican is a simple and portable auto-draw pod system suitable for beginners.
The Aspire Minican is a simple and portable auto-draw pod system suitable for beginners.

Vaping is not the same as smoking. For example, the throat hit is also different when you vape, and it depends on your vape setting and the e-liquid that you use to vape. For instance, a higher PG percentage will give you more throat hit than if you vape with e-liquids with more VG percentage.

The vapor is very different from the tobacco smoke. Firstly, it does not taste the same and e-liquids are available in many different flavors and strengths.

There are many different nicotine strengths as well and you have to choose the nicotine strength that better suits your vaping style. Moreover, you can also adjust the airflow in case you feel the vapor too strong or to weak.

There is not a vaping device better than vaping beginners. It depends if you are looking for a “more complicated device” or a simpler one. For example, a pen style is easy to use, but you cannot adjust its airflow. Moreover, some vapers prefer a device with a firing button rather than a device with only auto-draw function. I personally prefer a device with a firing button, but this is my personal preference. Perhaps you prefer a vape with a simple design and no firing button, if this is your case, then a pen style is a perfect device for you.

Remember that your e-liquid choice is also very important for a satisfactory vaping experience.

Best Vape Kit for Beginners: How Should I Vape?

The Aspire SLX is a typical pen style vape with disposable prefilled pods.
The Aspire SLX is a typical pen style vape with disposable prefilled pods.

Vaping is a very effective nicotine intake method and you will notice that it helps you feel nicotine as effectively as a normal tobacco cigarette. Nonetheless, remember that there are many nicotine strengths and some nicotine strengths are very strong. In other words, choose a nicotine strength that suits you.

You can opt to set a lower wattage or voltage to start your vaping journey. More wattage means more vapor in each puff but also more e-liquid consumption.

It is very easy to transit from smoking to vaping. However, you can choose to inhale smaller clouds and then you can progressively set a higher wattage if you want more flavor and vapor production.

Why not More than one Vaping Device?

Sometimes, you don’t even need to choose between one type of vaping device or another. Many vapers have more than one device for different occasion. For example, let’s say that you are looking for a discreet device when you are in public cases. Then, a stealth vaping device is a good option, and pen styles are the best ones for stealth vaping.

On the other hand, if you prefer more vapor and flavor, then you can choose to vape a mod or even some pod systems. In my opinion, a pod system is a good option as an alternative vape as it usually is easier to use than a vape but with more settings than a basic pen style. To sum up, vaping is not that complicated and there is not a “best vape kit for beginners”.

In conclusion, it is very unlikely that you will have problems to configure your vape mod. However, many vapers look for simplicity and they don’t want to tinker with coils, e-liquids or glass tanks. If that’s your case, then go for a simple pen style such as the Aspire SLX.