Which one is the best device for cloud chasing? How can I choose a good cloud chasing device? Most of you know that cloud chasing devices require lots of output power and low coil resistance. Aspire has recently launched a new sub-ohm device, the Aspire Deco mod. This vape is sold as the Aspire Deco Kit with the Odan Evo tank.  The Aspire Deco can reach up to 100 watts with a 21700 battery and up to 80 watts with an 18650 watts battery. If you are looking for an affordable and powerful cloud chasing vape, then the Aspire Deco is an excellent option for you. The Aspire Deco is not difficult to vape and we are going to explain here how to vape it.

How to Switch it on/off

The Aspire Deco mod has three buttons, a fire button and a “+” and a “-” button. To turn the device on or off, just simply press the fire button five times consecutively. The Deco mod is designed as an aesthetic and ergonomic mod which aims to emphasize simplicity and ascetism. It’s a powerful mod with a user-friendly design.

Moreover, if you quickly press the fire button three times will turn the scree off. To turn it back on, just follow the same process.

How to Vape it

Aspire Deco Kit, a genuine sub-ohm device.
Aspire Deco Kit, a genuine sub-ohm device.

The Aspire Deco Kit comes with the Aspire Odan EVO tank. The Odan Evo is a classic sub-ohm tank with a wide drip tip for a DTL vaping style. Its capacity is 4.5 ml with a TPD version of 2 ml. The Odan EVO has adjustable bottom airflow and it’s filled from the top of the tank.

Aspire Deco mod and Odan EVO tank.
Aspire Deco mod and Odan EVO tank.

The Odan EVO is compatible with all Odan coils and the kit comes with two Odan coils, one of 0.3 ohm and another mesh coil of 0.18 ohm.

If you want to vape at a moderate wattage, then you can use the 0.3 ohm coil and vape the Deco Kit at a wattage range of 35 to 45 watts. However, if you prefer to vape at a higher wattage, then you can choose to vape the Deco Kit with the 0.18 ohm coil. With this coil you can vape the Deco Kit at 60 to 80 watts.

The Deco Kit has four different vape modes: VV (variable voltage), VW (variable wattage), Bypass and CPS (customizable power settings) (CP1, CP2, CP3).  The CPS mode is designed to fine-tune your heat ramp-up. You can press up or down (+ or – buttons) to change the wattage. Then you can press the fire button to select from 1 to 10 seconds for the heat ramp-up. Finally, if you press the + and – buttons simultaneously you will exit the customizable power setting mode.

In addition, if you press the “+” and fire button simultaneously, you can change to other vape modes such as wattage, voltage, and bypass.  

The Deco Kit is charged through the type-C port with a maximum charging current of 2A.

How to Vape it: the Odan EVO Tank

The Odan tank is very similar to the Odan and Odan Mini tanks. This tank is specifically designed for cloud chasing. The drip tip is wide which means you can inhale lots of vapor to blow big vape clouds. The Odan EVO is filled from the top of the device. Just simply twist the top cap anticlockwise, remove the top cap and add your preferred e-liquid through the filling hole. In addition, Odan EVO coils are compatible with Odan and Odan Mini tanks.

The Odan EVO tank is compatible with all 810 drip tips in the market. In other words, you can vape the Odan EVO tank with another drip tip if you wish to do so.

Cloud Chasing with the Aspire Deco

The Aspire Deco is a simple and affordable sub-ohm device. It’s designed to be effective and easy to use. You can try vape juices with a high VG:PG ratio to produce massive vape clouds with it. Furthermore, its OLED screen is simple with just a few settings. In my opinion, this device has exactly what you need in a sub-ohm vape. In short, it has no unnecessary features that you are probably only going to use once or twice. It’s a genuine sub-ohm device for cloud chasers!