Aspire Revvo tank ARC coil

After using the new SkyStar kit for just a short while, I feel I need to update you on what I feel is indeed the ‘revolutionary new Revvo tank. Although the mod itself is awesome, the touchscreen really responsive and easy to use, for me, the standout feature of this kit is the Revvo tank.  The heart of the Revvo is the Aspire Radial Coil (ARC) coil; I’ve never seen nor used one like it.  To say it’s easy to use in an understatement, airflow easy to adjust, and great taste.  The taste of course is down to the ARC coil itself as always.

It’s flat! Yes flat! Not cylindrical like all other pre-built coils and this is what concerned me at first. Aspire call it stove-top like, and yes it is.  How would it cope with a heavy vaper like me?   The answer as if you hadn’t guessed, is admirably. I’ve never had a dry hit, probably as it’s easy to see the juice level through the clear glass tank and almost as easy to top up, I even top up while walking along the street. It’s easier (yes really) than dripping an RDA in my experience  – the little spring loaded fill tube works excellently with no mess or leaks whatsoever.  However, at first I was concerned the flat coil wasn’t in direct contact at all times with the juice in the tank! How was this going to work out?

I needn’t have had any concerns though. Aspire recommends inverting the tank every few ‘puffs’ This I did, I didn’t want to burn my coil out as soon as I got it – and of course Aspire’s advice is sound. However, if you vape like me and tilt the tank up to your mouth when you vape, the juice is obviously going to come into contact with the cotton of the ARC coil. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should ignore Aspire’s advice, far from it; these guys really know what they’re talking about and will have tested this almost to destruction.  I’m just saying that for my style of vaping I just don’t bother inverting the tank, well, certainly not as often as they suggest I should, and none, not one dry hit.  On the other hand if your style of vaping is keeping the tank vertical in use, then I do suggest following the advice of the guys who know, Aspire.

This fairly large, round, flat, ‘stove-top’ type Aspire Radial Coil (ARC) coil has such a large surface area too that it follows that there’s going to be a ton of vapor, and there is! Personally I’ve never used a pre-built coil that comes close.  It vapes cool too, even at 85-90 watts that I have set for myself. The cotton attached to the ARC coil easily keeps up with this setting and wicks more steadily than I could have ever imagined.  To say that I’m enjoying this kit, more especially the Revvo tank is an understatement, try one for yourself, you’ll not be disappointed with this very easy to use sub-ohm tank.


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