Triton is here and so am I to tell you a bit about it. It’s been a few weeks since the prototype crossed my desk and now that I have the production model I am ecstatic to discuss it with everyone here today. So let’s get right down to it…

The main thing I love about the Triton is the top filling design. As you can imagine, living in this part of China and working for this company, I get to try almost every product in this industry that comes out. So I can say with some measure of reliability that the Triton’s top filling design is a game changer compared to all the leaky top filling tanks I have had pass through my hands. Just a simple twist and the Triton will click from vaping mode to top filling mode. No rubber grommets to drop and lose and best of all truly leakless. Perfect for on the go refills.

Another great feature that I really like is the adjustable airflow control. Unlike it’s predecessors the Triton has what I would call “truly adjustable airflow control”. What do I mean by this you may ask? With the Atlantis and Nautilus series of tank systems the airflow control would click into place. The Triton has no such limitations. You can really fine tune and dial in your preferred airflow setting. This allows the Triton to match a wide range of vaping styles. The same clickless design is used on the base as well as the drip tip. The airflow at the drip tip is really nice when I run higher wattage settings. Personally anything above 70 watts feels too hot and the drip tip’s airflow fixes that right up by carbureting the vapor as it passes through the drip tip. Most impressively I find the flavor isn’t impacted much, if at all by the introduction of more air.

The coils are also a bit different from the Atlantis coil, though they’re still compatible. In the two subohm coils we are using a surgical grade stainless steel (316l) tube. The tube design allows for more surface area of the filament to contact the juice which means greater vapor production and more intense flavor. I have found these coils to last a bit longer than the kanthal variants I use normally. Though I should state that everyone vapes differently and due to that your mileage may vary.

Last, but definitely not least, we have an optional RBA system for the Triton. The design is unique and simple. So simple that even I could build on it and I am pretty lousy when it comes to building. I did it for a while but when the Atlantis first came out last year my life was changed. (I did not work here at that time btw.) So for all of you who have been clamoring for an RBA your wait is over.

In closing I really do love the Triton. It has AND does it all.


Happy vaping




    • Yep.. an RBA section too, if interested. Triton coils are also backwards compatible w/ any Atlantis/AtlantisV2. Their performance, flavor, LONGEVITY of these Triton coils (that now seem to be using a food grade stainless steel material rather than kanthal) is noticeably better; in fact, has somehow been FAR superior to any sub ohm coil thus far, imho.. Do know for sure… that I’ll def. be picking up some more Triton replacements in 0.3 or 0.4ohm (the 1.8 ohm ones are Kanthal for those wondering) for my Atlantis V2 instead of its own coils… going forward. 😉 Live long(ER) & vape on!

      • Charles Chuck Hallman on

        Amanda , Thank you so much for responding ! I have the Aspire RTA Triton System kit . I also have The RBA decks for my two Atlantis tanks . In all I own seven Aspire tanks LOVE them all . I just wanted to know if Triton NI 200 manufactured coils were available ? Similar to the kanger NI 200 replacement coils . Sincerely Charles Hallman / Custom Blends & E-Supplies Again Thank You !!! For the information 1

  1. Question: Was under the assumption that the “ACTUAL COIL” itself was what is a “stainless steel” material. The review wording, however.. has me questioning that now.? Says: “In the two subohm coils we are using a surgical grade stainless steel (316l) tube. The tube design allows for more surface area of the filament to contact the juice which means greater vapor production and more intense flavor. I have found these coils to last a bit longer than the kanthal variants I use normally.” ……… ……….. Mentioned was “using s/s tube.. but then design allowing more surface area of “filament”….” which is kinda contrasting or making it seem like different materials. So.. just wondering if the tube “enclosure” is s/s…. the coil itself is made of s/s.. or both?? It also went on to mention them lasting longer vs. kanthal, which led me to believe they are a different material.. Well, except for that other part. lol. Sorry, just want to be SURE what’s.. what with these. They’ve been vaping SUPERIOR to any other sub-ohm tanks using kanthal coils.. Also, they absolutely have been lasting longer, as mentioned above! Going strong for 4w+ on another that uses s/s for their coils themselves… & Over 2wks now on this Triton one, too.. both of them, vaping with the performance of day 1 too, which is amazing imho!! There is a noticeably better flavor from them also…. IF the coils themselves ARE, in fact s/s… being backwards compatible with Atlantis/V2.. will be a huge selling point! I know I’ll be putting them into my V2 asap if that’s the case. Thanks, in advance, for your response. LIVE LONG(er) & VAPE ON! =)