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Aspire TPD Compliance Update














Like it or not, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is with us and here to stay. The directive was initially issued on 20th May 2016, but didn’t come into force until 20th May 2107.Manufacturers and traders were given a one year transition period to change and sell products/stock that didn’t meet the requirements of the TPD, thereafter all products in the market had to be TPD-complaint on or before 20th May 2107.

Now that deadline has passed, people in the vape industry must take extra care in complying with the TPD regulations. So what have we at Aspire done so far?

We were advised by a TPD expert that after the 2017 deadline all the products must be TPD-complaint, including packaging, labeling, the new limit of 2ml capacity etc. Manufacturers and traders must use the correct packaging according to the country of sale. They are unable to change labels or the stickers as the batch number will not match the sales data supplied to the respective governments. If manufacturers and traders use the wrong TPD compliant packaging, customs in the EU can confiscate the products and destroy them. If the products do make it through customs and are stocked the shops then the local TPD enforcement personnel can also confiscate take the stock and impose fines on the retailers. Therefore manufacturers and traders may only approve sales through the correct channels.

Aspire obviously complied with the TPD procedures and during the one year adjustment period, changed our packaging, and the designs of our products to make them 2ml TPD complaint.Items within our range that were affected, such as the Cleito, the Cleito120, ET-S glass version, the Atlantis, and the Nautilus were all redesigned to comply. We have also registered and received MHRA notification for 113 of our products.

Furthermore, different member states within the EU may have additional requirements when applying the TPD into their own laws; some countries may require extra registration or confirmation under their respective governments. To date, we have received confirmation from UK, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Spain and Germany.

We are working closely with our TPD expert to get more new products registered as required.

Stay tuned and check back regularly for further updates.