First, Aspire, being the premiere vaporizer company recognizes the need to regulate the current vaporizer market.  Regulation will mean that vaping consumers are properly protected when using vaping hardware and e-liquid juices.

Second, Aspire is here to stay. We are ready to fully comply and Aspire will continue to be an industry leader and innovator.  To prepare for the imminent “Deeming” act legislation which classifies vape products, accessories and Nicotine e-liquid as “Tobacco,” Aspire has formed several alliances to help legally support our position.  The fees to become FDA compliant are exorbitant.

For example,  an E-liquid line with 4 juice flavors has 3 nicotine levels. The minimum cost for just having the e-juice application is 4 (flavors) x 3 Nicotine levels = 12 applications x 330,000usd = $3,960,000 USD!  And this is the cost just for the e-liquid line. Accessories such as 18650 batteries, coil replacements, etc all would have separate $330,000 FDA fee. Note: =$330k was the initial estimate from the FDA. The actual fee has yet to be officially released.  With lawyers fees, testing fees, etc each application is estimated cost more around $500k per application.

Aspire’s alliance includes Sevia USA and several other e-cigarettes brands.

As a founding member of Sevia USA, Aspire will support federal legislation H.R. 2058 (Cole Bill). Aspire is also confident that the bi-partisan amendment introduced by US representatives Tom Cole (Republican Oklahoma) and Sanford Bishop (Democrat Georgia) will prove a big blow to big tobacco’s efforts to monopolize the vaping industry.

While many of the 499 pages in the FDA document are legal jargon and rambling about prior cases, Aspire has summarized the key points of the document and will be posting it on the blog.

Aspire wants to remind our users, fans, partners, and the whole Aspire family that Aspire stays committed to supporting proper amendments to this very unpopular, unfair and Tobacco Industry-friendly FDA Deeming act bill.

While this bill may not directly affect you, it will surely affect as friend, colleague, or loved one. Many tobacco smokers will have a harder time quitting smoking, and will die sooner, if the FDA has its way.

Several leading UK research centers have recently declared that vaping is 95% safer than traditional smoking. “ The UK’s Royal College of Physicians says there is resounding evidence that e-cigarettes are “much safer” than smoking and aid quitting.” BBC Article

FDA never give up

#Never Give Up Vaping!  #Fight to Vape!

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