The Aspire Plato V05 firmware upgrades step down protection under VV and VW modes. The Plato will detect when the battery charge is too weak to deliver the desired wattage or voltage and will automatically adjust the Plato wattage or voltage to a supportable level. The screen will then show the current wattage or voltage instead of the settings you have set.

In older firmware versions, the Plato screen did not show the current Wattage or Voltage even when it had dropped.

Aspire Plato V05 Firmware

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  1. Pedro Garcia on

    Aspire Can we PLEASE get a rba or rta for the Plato? The Plato would be a better all in one if you had the same kind of rta like the cleito.

  2. Next firmware with a clock? I haven’t updated my two Plato at all since it’s always on a stealth mode. Would be nice with a clock without having to reach for my cell phone….ALL in one afterall :). Oh, forget a game though!