Dear Vapers from all over the world,

It has come to our attention that there has been an increasingly widespread news meaning to tarnish and causing disparage in the e-cig industry in the USA.

Aspire is one of the world’s biggest leaders in electronic cigarettes. We are committed to produce the best quality products and work under all the regulations required from the TPD, CE, ROHS and so on. We at Aspire would like to clarify of these aspersions that have been cast towards our industry.

Firstly, we offer our deep condolences to the people and their families who are and have been affected or have suffered as a result of the recent lung illness tragedy.

Secondly, Aspire have always been and still strongly condemn and will never support the sale of e-cigs to anyone who is underaged, minors and those who does not need to start vaping.

To prevent children, none-smokers or none vapers who are adversely affected from the cigarette industry around them, we have strictly imposed necessary warnings to all our products to deter them from purchasing or using Aspire e-cigs when they don’t need it.

Aspire actively support the need to protect all children and our future generations, but this is also the responsibility of the law in each country and they are also the ones that need to make it happen.

We at Aspire believe it is right to have normal and logical regulations to protect the people against harmful tobacco products. But we also believe it is not right to completely blame the e-cig industry for the lack of regulations and thereof.

Aspire is not directly responsible from what the US government published in relation to illegal electronic cigarettes and any accusations that are being circulated.

If people choose to buy illegal products in the in the black-market where there is no control of quality or recommendations of usage, instead of fully condemning the industry based on black-market activity through improper use of local laws, they should understand the predicament we are in and ask what else can our industry do when we are without the proper support from the government.

To put the matter into perspective: If somehow tomorrow, a person is caught using any known toxic and poisonous cleaning liquid, and put it in a glass and drink it and eventually die, would the US government blame and close the glass industry in the USA? The answer is No. So why the e-cig industry be treated any different? We should also ask ourselves.

Are Cigarettes ok? Are they healthy? The answer is again NO. So why didn’t the US government banned cigarettes and not take action against the sale of cigarettes?

We are calling all the vapers from all over the world to put up a stance and fight for the right for proper regulatory laws instead of banning the industry altogether. Do what you can to prove the politicians, government and the misinformed that the industry is not the culprit.

If the people who are trying to throttle this industry can finally see how the industry actually works, how it helped smokers to stop smoking thanks to e-cigarettes, they will open up their eyes and see the broader view and will think differently about e-cigarettes in a positive way. We need to change their mindset and perspective on the health benefits of vaping with a regulated product in comparison to that of Smoking that are known to kill.

Thank you in advance,