Aspire is happy to bring you the new firmware for Aspire NX75 mod—- firmware V07

In firmware V07 we added a counter as well as several cool features to satisfy your various vaping needs, Aspire will never settle for great, with all the cool features packed in the powerful NX75 mod, it will definitely add a lot of fun to your daily vaping.

New features include: Puff counter, Timer, Puff limits, SpeedBrake……updating your firmware to get your exclusive experience of the new features!

For detailed information and firmware download please visit: Aspire NX75 V07 Firmware

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  2. Just got my N75 today, awesome mod. Updated the firmware to v07 straight away and thought it was bugged – until I found a post that said the menus have moved to the W/T buttons. It would be good to still have the old lock functionality alongside, it’s quicker to lock with just two button presses, maybe +/-?

    Something I think would be really useful is if the lock status was remembered between battery changes so I don’t have to lock it again every time. I always vape on the same wattage and it’s very easy to switch the modes in your pocket if you forget to lock it again after a battery swap.

    Loving it tho, best single 18650 on the market!