Aspire Nautilus X 4ML Adapter Kit Description:

Expand the horizons of your Nautilus X with this new 4ML adapter kit. While many people have enjoyed the shorter, low profile Nautilus X with 2ML Pyrex tube, many customers want to upgrade the tank capacity. This Nautilus X Adapter kit is the simple solution.

This 4ML kit includes a coil adapter which effectively elongates the chimney into the top hardware. The kit also comes with a taller Pyrex glass which is also compatible with the Cleito. The Nautilus X Coil is smaller so you can fit 4ML of e-liquid inside your Nautilus X tank with this adapter kit.



Aspire Nautilus X 4ML Adapter Kit Includes:




1x 4ML Pyrex Glass 21.5mm(W )x26mm (H)      1x Coil Chimney Adapter


Order now: Buy Nauitlus X 4ML Adapter Kit


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  1. If I understand correctly, this means the Cleito 5ml tank will work on the Nautilus X with this kit as well, right?

    • Facebook User on

      Yes, this is correct. the Fatty tank will also work on the Nautilus X 🙂