Mother's day giveaway

Dear Readers,

This Time we don’t talk about mouth to lung or sub ohm or cloud chasers, we want to talk about mother’s love. When you are far away from your home and feel extremely lonely, who will you think of? When you standing at the crossroad of your life and don’t know which way to turn, who will you think of? When you are suffering from the greatest difficulties and need encouragements, who will you think of then? Yes, it’s mother who you will always think of and it’s a mother’s love that will always be with you.

Nothing compares to the love of a mother for her children. Mothers, they comfort us in our sadness; they encourage us when we are down; they feel so worried when we get sick, Mother loves us in so many ways.

Mother’s day is coming, what kind of present will you prepare for her? A bunch of flowers? A box of chocolates? A greeting card…Aspire thinks our health is the most valuable present for our mothers, if you are a smoker, from this moment, please give up on your cigarette, care about your health and don’t let your mother inhale the second hand smoke of yours. on this special day, Aspire hopes our products can help more and more smokers quit smoking, and we’d like to invite you to join our Mother’s day giveaway, Just share us a heart touching story between you and your mother and you will get the chance to win the gifts, three winners will be selected. We will post the winners here at aspire blog 5 hours after the giveaway.

Time: May 12th to 11am 16th of May (Beijing Time)

Presents: Aspire New product (Aspire is going to release a new product during May 16-May 19) Winners can select gifts to your liking in case you don’t want the new product.

If you love your mother, don’t hold back your love, please let her know.

Giveaway winners announcement:

Hello Friends,
Thank you for taking part in Aspire Mother’s day giveaway.

Here are the winners: AvgJoeVapes,Milena Trifković,Rick Roy.

Congratulations to you! Please send your shipping information(Name,contact number,address,which product do you want?which color do you want?) to me,
Thank you again for all the support!



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  2. Great contest guys! My mother is a life long smoker. A few years back she moved to the other side of the country. It would be nice to get her to stop smoking as we don’t see each other very often and the longer she smoke, the less time we havr.

    Again, great contest guys!

  3. Milena Trifković on

    I am connected with my mom ever since I was born,we even share some sort of mental connection (unbelieveable right!), whenever there is something wrong with her,i feel it too and opposite…in recent year and a half I am going through some rough times,but she is always with me…and she never let me down…never…she started smoking again recently,and i can see it is affecting her health…i wish i could win this so she could get rid of stinkers forever…i will always love my mom…

  4. Stavros Garedakis on

    Nice of Aspire to honor this special day. It’s not many times we have a chance to give back to our mothers, especially compared to what they have offered us in our lives, but for those among us who quit smoking through vaping, what we can give is a way for them to quit as well. My mother has been a smoker for almost 40 years and I’ve been trying to get her to quit, even this far down the line. It’s never too late to quit smoking, and it doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for us to remember to give back to those that love us so unconditionally.

  5. AvgJoeVapes on

    My mother passed away several years ago now as a result of being a two pack a day smoker. I got to see first hand what smoking can do to a person and how quickly one’s health can deteriorate especially as they get older. If only I would have known more about vaping back then perhaps another early death caused by smoking cigarettes would have been prevented. My message to everyone is, if your Mother, or anyone you care about for that matter, is still relatively healthy and is smoking cigarettes please do what you can to help them switch to vaping and prevent another death too young. I love you Mom and I miss you.

  6. My mother passed away back in 2000 and, before she died, she made me promise to quit smoking. I couldn’t keep that promise to her and I felt terrible about it all these years. However, I’ve been smoke-free for over a year now thanks to Aspire (Plato, ET-S, Vivi Nova-S) products, my health has improved dramatically compared to smoking, and I’m glad to be able to finally fulfill that promise to her.