Reminds me of a British pop band …. but that’s another story.

Anyway, in a new comedy film ‘Game over Man’ one of the main actors can be seen vaping on, guess what?.. what appears to be an Aspire K4 kit!

Now, before you even think about it, we didn’t push our K4 kit into the movie, that would be blatant product placement advertising, similar to the phones, computer, watches and drinks ‘placed’ by other companies.  No, an Aspire user and customer actually spotted it while watching the movie trailer and told us. The actor in question, Anders Holm, one of the three hero waiters around which the movie is based, seems to be a genuine vaper and really enjoying his Aspire K4 kit.

Near the beginning of the movie when they are talking about what they really want to do and their ‘Aspirations’ Anders can be seen with his K4 kit blowing big clouds from just one nostril hahaha.

actor vape aspire k4 kit

Later in another scene when the ‘baddie’ is threatening rap star Shaggy, he’s urging him on, concentrating on the lyrics of one of Shaggy’s songs by using his K4 kit to help him focus.

aspire k4 kit vape

Now we’re not sure if Anders was a smoker and using our K4 kit to help him quit, or if he just likes vaping, whatever the reason I’m sure you’ll agree with us that he’s made a great choice. The sleek portable design, the long lasting 2000Mah battery, the K4 tank with its great Cleito coils, all make for an awesome kit.

So Mr. Holm, here at Aspire we’d like to thank you for promoting vaping and more so for supporting Aspire, you’ve made a great choice and are obviously and advocate of vaping, and, for doing this through the great medium of movies, which will be seen by millions all around the world.

Thank you also for raising the profile of vaping and bringing it into the mainstream media, please keep the vaping flag flying in Hollywood.

If you’d like to see the movie clips you can find them here:

and here:

If you’d like more information on the Aspire K4 you can find it on our webpage here:



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