The EVO75 Kit is the must-have sub-ohm vaping system from Aspire. The Aspire EVO75 Kit is comprised of the Atlantis EVO Standard & the NX75 mod.


Aspire Atlantis EVO Intro:
The Aspire Atlantis EVO represents the zenith of recent sub-ohm tank evolution. Double wicking efficiency teamed with lower positioned wick points create ultra-efficient juice flow. This optimized design allows high VG E-Liquid an even faster route to the coil system. EVO breathes without a hitch when you require thick dense vapor production. Both Standard & Extended EVO kits include 0.4Ω and 0.5Ω sub-ohm coils for an optimized vaping experience.

NX75-S NX75-A Mod Colors B

Aspire NX75-Z Intro:
The die-casted NX75-Z features refined lines and high-level design accents throughout the design.The five button system is ultra-intuitive with one-button navigation between Temperature Control and Wattage mode.

The NX75-Z adds a new Customizable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP) function allows for heat ramp-up (power curve) to be fine-tuned. This customization can be made with just a few clicks of the NX mod buttons.


The NX75-Z also features Child Lock. Aside from firmware upgrades, all operations can be done with just a few click of the NX75-Z buttons. Aspire NX75 – Next Gen Vaping.


Aspire EVO75 Kit Contents:

1 * Atlantis Evo Tank
(0.4Ω Coil Pre-installed rated at 40-50w)
1 * Extra Coil (0.5Ω 35-40W)
1 * 2ml Replacement Pyrex Tube
1 * Rubber cuff

1 * NX75-Z Mod
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Warranty Card



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