Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been widely used since the mid-20th century primarily in medical sanitation. Aspire has just launched the Aspire Degerm sterilizer for drip tips that uses ultraviolet light to “kill” both bacteria and viruses.

Aspire has just launched the Aspire Degerm sterilizer for drip tips that uses ultraviolet light to “kill” both bacteria and viruses.
Aspire has just launched the Aspire Degerm sterilizer for drip tips that uses ultraviolet light to “kill” both bacteria and viruses.

UV light is more effective than soap and water in killings bacteria and it has been found to affects viruses in a similar way. UV light is lethal to virus and bacteria. It causes irreparable damage in their DNA code and it prevents them from reproducing properly.

UV light is lethal for bacteria, virus, fungi. Therefore, UV light should be also effective to kill any kind of coronavirus. Aspire Degerm is an effective device to sterilize your drip tip and vape safely in any situation. It’s very simple to use and it takes just 30 seconds to kill most of microorganisms.

How Does UV Light Work?

Microorganisms are very susceptible to UV light as they have less protection against it. Therefore, microorganisms cannot survive a prolonged exposure to it. UV light causes pyrimidine dimers, in other words, molecular lesions at DNA level in pathogens. Ultraviolet germicidal radiation is even used to sanitize water tanks and/or air and ventilation systems. Moreover, a UV light sterilization doesn’t leave any residuals left in the item. For instance, if you use a chemical there are chances you leave some residual particles behind.

Recently, some people have tried to use UV light to disinfect clothes and people. Some people have tried UV tunnels in Thailand to sterilize clothes and people. However, this isn’t recommended as direct UV rays to your skin is dangerous and the main cause of skin cancer in the world.

There are three types of UV rays, UVA, UVB and UVC. From these three types of UV rays, the latter one is the most dangerous of all for our skin. UVA represents up to 80% of the radiation we get from sun. UVB can damage DNA and eventually cause skin cancer. Finally, UVC is the most dangerous one but it’s mostly filtered out by ozone. It’s only suitable for use in items and products.

How Does the Degerm Sterilizer Work?

The Aspire Degerm houses a 400 mAh battery and a voltage of 3.0-4.2 V. The Aspire Degerm works in just 30 seconds and with an efficiency of 99.9%.

The Degerm uses UVC 253.7 NM that has very powerful antibiotic effects and will effectively sterilize your drip tip.

UVC light is very effective in disinfecting objects but under any circumstances UVC is recommended for disinfecting your skin. Consequently, under no circumstances should you look into the UV Diode while the Degerm is in operation mode. UV light can damage eyes and skin—DO NOT expose your eyes or body to the rays emitting from the bottom of the device while in operation.

At just 25.3g, 70 mm in length and 29 mm wide and 32 mm thick, the Aspire Degerm sterilizer is very portable. Moreover, it charges very fast with it Type-C charging port. In addition, the Aspire Degerm is certified by microbiology experts, and lab results prove than it successfully disinfects your drip tip.

Kit Contents and Specifications

1 * Aspire Degerm

1 * User Manual

1 * Type-C Cable

Aspire Degerm: Very Portable and Durable

It’s a very portable device that comes with a protection cap to avoid dust accumulation. In addition, it’s very easy to use as it only has one button. Simply, press the button for five times in short succession to turn it on. Then, insert the drip tip into the Aspire Degerm and press the button three times to start the sanitization process. Let the device work for 30 seconds (the LED light will turn off after 30 seconds) and finally press again five times in short succession to turn the device off.

It’s so easy to use, you don’t need to keep holding down the button during the sterilization process, just let it work for 30 seconds and that’s it!

The Aspire Degerm has been tested for over 50000 times and it has a long product life (estimated to be used for nearly 20000 times).

As most of Aspire’s devices, the LED light indicates the battery level. For instance, when the battery is over 3.65V, the light will be green. However, when the battery is between 3.3V and 3.65V the LED light will turn blue. Finally, when it goes below 3.3V, the light will turn red to indicate that it’s time to charge the Aspire Degerm sterilizer.


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