Many vapers think that mesh coils are an innovation. However, they were already common in rebuildable devices. A mesh coil is widely popular nowadays and many vapers prefer them over regular coils. Are mesh coils better? We’ll explain here five advantages and why you should consider a mesh coil.

Usually, any sub-ohm device is compatible with a mesh coil. Moreover, mesh coils cover a larger area than wired coils, which means that a it can provide a more even vape juice absorption and heating throughout the entire coil. In other words, they fire quicker than other coils.

1. A Mesh Coil Covers a Larger Area

It has a more even vape juice distribution and they cover a larger area. This helps in the vaporization of the e-liquid as the heat is evenly distributed. In other words, vaping is always constant, producing the same amount of vapor. Moreover, as it is evenly distributed, there are not hotspots where vaporization occurs more than in other parts of the wick material.

2) A Mesh Coils is More Efficient than Regular Vape Coils

Mesh coils help to distribute the vape juice more evenly. Consequently, the wick material absorbs more e-liquid at once and it produces a steady vapor.

3) They Last Longer

As a mesh coils heat more evenly, there are no parts that get overheated. A regular coil may overheat in certain parts and taste burnt. As you may know, a burnt coil isn’t very pleasant to vape. In other words, an even heat distribution increases the coil lifespan.

4) Safer Than Other coils

Generally, regular coils and mesh coils are both safe to vape.  They aren’t safer than a regular coil, but they are probably safer than other coils such as ceramic coils. Silica powder may come off the ceramic coils. Some studies have found granular ceramic powder in the inner part of some ceramic coils.

Silicosis, a dangerous pulmonary disease, is caused by silica powder. If a vaper uses ceramic coils for a long time, then it might be possible that the vaper inhales silica powder.  However, there are not conclusive evidences about ceramic vape coils and silicosis.

5) A Mesh Coil Is Smoother than Regular Vape Coils

Mesh coils are smoother as they don’t produce as much heat as regular vape coils.  Some vapers like that hot vape experience while many others prefer a smoother style. It depends on your vaping preferences. In other words, if you like a smoother vape then mesh coils are a good option for you.


Mesh coils have become a popular option for many vapers. However, there are also great wire coils that provide a steady and effective vaping experience. Nonetheless, generally speaking, a mesh coil has some advantages such as a smoother vaping experience, safer, it lasts longer, it’s slightly more efficient and it covers a larger area than wire coils.

A mesh coil has also some disadvantages. For example, they tend to consume more e-liquid than regular coils.


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