The advertisements of  E-cigarette have already spread like wildfire in China. In fact, several populated subway stations including Shopping Park, Huaqiang Road, the famous Convention Center and Luohu are filled with ads that unfailingly attract by-passers. Seen by thousands of people every day, the red-colored posters have opened a new milestone for the electronic cigarette industry in China.


As one of the first class cities in China, Shenzhen enjoys the merit of its proximity to Hongkong and Macao, becoming an even more important landmark in Southern China. The four subway stations have a huge flow of visits from both locals and tourists. With the opportunity to stage the benefits of using E-cigarette through numerous advertisements in this very well-known vicinity, there is a strong probability that more people would embrace the vaping industry.

While a high percentage of the public is unaware of the advantages of vaping, the red-colored advertisements play a significant role in raising the awareness of a wide range of consumers about the positive effects of using an E-cigarette. Created specifically to help people make the right choice in buying this product, these posters symbolize the openness of people to embrace the new and transform the way they live. Vaping may just be insignificant for a lot of people, but for its patrons, it has played a huge part in helping them change their lifestyle and adapt a healthier and tastier option.

From being a technology that was once ignored by thousands of people worldwide, electronic cigarette’s future is now brighter, thanks to its amazing features. In fact, more and more companies are now developing this technology to further serve the growing demands of E-cigarette consumers. With this increase in patronage, there is no reason why people should not welcome this intelligent technology.

We really hope to see the popularization of E-cigarette in the near future.


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