So, I’m a mech mod type of person, I like the instant hit I get from a fully charged battery and I like the clouds and flavor a mech mod with a good RDA brings.  Over the past year or so I’ve been amazed by the profusion of (can I say similar here?) mech style devices that are flooding the market. They say they are more convenient to use, hit like a mech and lighter. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about squonk mods. That is, a mod with (usually) a single battery, mechanical operation, and a small squeezable ‘bottle’ holding e-liquid, that through the addition of a squonk pin in the atomizer/RDA (a regular 510 pin with a hole through it), that can be refilled from the bottom, rather than dripping eliquid down through the mouthpiece or drip tip. All very complex?… Perhaps.

Anyway, very often I look over websites and get promotional materials via email etc. promoting squonk mods. Reading and watching reviews online I was never really interested. To me they were over priced, considering most were plastic or 3D printed (I didn’t think 3D printing was so expensive!) for what they were, they didn’t hold a whole lot of e-liquid either. They didn’t seem very solid or sturdily made so I just ignored them. I’d also read/heard that although they were indeed convenient, and you didn’t have to drip, just squeeze the bottle to wet the cotton and coils, but .. they were messy, they leaked, the battery wasn’t too secure, I won’t go on….

I just didn’t want to try, I’ll stick to my mechs, thank you very much.

Then I was introduced to a squonk device that wasn’t like anything I described above. It was solidly built, felt nice and substantial in the hand and comfortable to hold. The squonk bottle was easy to fill and sat in what I can only describe as a ‘cradle’ so that removal and refitting wasn’t messy. It had a nice firing mechanism, that although not a full mech was as near as you can get, for an unregulated , of sorts, device. It even came with a tank!

 Feedlink Revvo kit
Feedlink Revvo kit

What is this device? It’s the new Feedlink Revvo kit from Aspire! I was as surprised as I’ve ever been. This kit is really great, it hits almost as hard and it’s VERY convenient indeed. It’s not fully unregulated, it has a mosfet chip for safety and operates in bypass mode – almost a mech – the battery is very secure. The e-liquid bottle holds 7ml and is made of a soft silicone material.  It’s easy to fill the bottle with a screw cap to seal it and as I said, not messy at all to remove and re-insert thanks to the cradle style holder. The single 185650 battery is easy to remove and replace by just unscrewing the battery cap on the base. The Revvo Boost tank that comes with it has one of Aspires revolutionary ARC flat coils and they really kick out the vapor and the flavor. They are rated at between 0.1 and 0.14 ohms, just right for this setup and just the right amount of warmth in the vapor for me. The tank also has it’s own reservoir which holds 2ml of eliquid, so combined with the squonk bottle that’s 9ml in total. The drip tip on the tank is just the right size (think 810 size) and the adjustable airflow can be set nice and wide or as far down as almost a mouth to lung effect.

My wife is much happier about me using it too, because, she says “… its regulated and ‘safer’ to use than a mech as it has a ‘switch’ …”.  Yes it does have a switch, the fire button, 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off. To be honest, I’d much rather drop this in my pocket than a mech.


The Squonk Feedlink Revvo Kit

If you’re interested, here are the specs for the mod:

  • 124mm high including the tank (87mm without the tank)
  • 48mm wide and 30 mm thick
  • Output voltage is 3.0 -4.2 volts
  • Operates on by-pass mode
  • Spring loaded 510 connector
  • 7ml silicon squonk bottle
  • Battery cap and squonk bottle cover on the base


For the tank:

  • 37mm high
  • 24mm wide
  • 2ml capacity
  • ARC coil 0.10 – 0.14 ohms
  • Delrin drip cap/mouthpiece


I’ve had it just over two weeks now, I’m enjoying it immensely, it really is convenient – I carry it around all day, and for my style of vaping, I only need to carry around a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid (though I don’t get through it all), one spare battery and I’m set.  It’s not as heavy as a mech either, and much safer thanks to the mosfet chip which gives all the protection you could need (this is the bit my wife likes best).

If you want to try (almost) unregulated vaping with the convenience of a squonk mod and be seen with a really cool and stylish mod, this is the kit for you, it certainly is the kit for me!


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