The vaping industry is taking over the tobacco industry, many ex-tobacco smokers are moving to vaping as a safer method of nicotine intake. In addition, many health authorities prefer their patients vape rather than smoke tobacco as it doesn’t produce tar and other carcinogens. Vaping isn’t exactly the same process and inhaling style as smoking and many vapers think vaping means inhaling the same way as tobacco smoking. However, this is often not the best way to get the most of your vaping. Below we give you the top 8 best vaping techniques or vaping methods to get the best vaping experience.

1. Place your Vape at the Side of the Mouth.

If you place it at the side of your mouth, then you will be able to taste the vape juice to its maximum flavor and richness. Why? because the taste buds will be able to catch better the flavor of the e-liquids.

2. Vaping Technique: Slowly Draw on the Vape to Heat Up the Atomizer.

Smokers tend to inhale quite fast, but vaping is different. A slower and longer puff is better to produce more vapor and flavor. This technique is specially interesting for cloud chasers.

3. Combine Non-Nicotine Vape Juice with Nicotine E-Liquids.

You don’t combust vapes, it won’t burn out. In other words, a tobacco cigarette will last approximately 5 minutes and to get the same amount of nicotine with a vape you will need up to 10 minutes. You might feel dizzy if you vape nicotine constantly, therefore, having a non-nicotine vape juice will help you.

You can choose from a wide variety of non-nicotine e-juices to combine with your nicotine salts. Moreover, many people want to do the transition from nicotine e-liquids to non-nicotine ones. For example, you can reduce your nicotine intake gradually and then switch from nicotine e-liquids to non-nicotine ones.

4. Hold Vapor in Your Mouth for a few Seconds and then Inhale.

We absorb the e-liquid through the mucous membranes in our cheeks and mouth. However, for a fastest nicotine intake, lung inhalation is recommended. You can hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds and then choose pass it to your lungs. However, some people prefer to hold it in the mouth and this is also a very effective nicotine intake method.

5. Stealth Vaping in Public Places

Steal vaping is about vaping without drawing others’ attention. In other words, it’s about vaping and producing little to no vaping clouds. You can choose a pod system for stealth vaping and consider to hide the LED light. Some pod systems fit in the palm of a hand, which means that are easy to hide.

Moreover, there are some ultra-portable devices that are excellent vapes for stealth vaping mode. For example, Aspire has the new AVP Pro, which is an excellent vaping device for stealth vaping.

6. Exhaling through the Nostrils

This vaping technique is based on the fact that mucous membranes absorb vapor better than just inhaling and exhaling. You can choose to vape and hold in the mouth for a few seconds, then the lungs and finally exhale it through your nostrils. This vaping technique will ensure a better enjoyment of your vaping!

7. Short and Long Puffs

This vaping technique combines a couple of short draws with a long one. The two short draws prepare your mucous membranes and your lungs for the longer and more effective draw. Some vapers like this vaping technique as they claim it helps to gain more benefits from their vape.

8. Adjust your Vape Mod

You don’t need to vape just simple e-cigs without any additional settings. If you want more settings and to adapt your vaping experience to your needs, then you can choose from many mods that have many settings such as adjustable wattage or voltage.

For example, if you want bigger vaping clouds, then you can choose a vape mod with adjustable wattage. You can set a wattage over 80 W in some mods such as the powerful Dynamo.

However, for daily vaping, you don’t need to set your mod to a very high wattage. Powerful vape mods are ideal for more vapor production and also for cloud chasing.


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