Since the Aspire AVP has been released and was display on IECIE Shenzhen eCig EXPO 2019 earlier this April, many vapers have tried the AVP and most give very positive comments about it on Youtube. I collected some comments that can help you have a well-rounded opinion of the Aspire AVP quickly. You can also watch a vaper’s review, he thinks AVP is the latest ‘visionary’ pod.

Before having sight of the comments from vape communities, here are some facts on the Aspire AVP that we can find from the Aspire official website. According to the AVP product page, it is a portable AIO kit with auto draw function, which means that when you inhale, the device will fire itself. AVP also has three different, easy to choose,  constantly adjustable wattage outputs, 8 watts, 10 watts and 12 watts. Apart from 700mAh built-in battery, the 1.2 ohms resistance built in coil, and the  2.0mL capacity, plus safety features like low voltage protection, overheat protection and so on are included as well.

So how does the Aspire AVP impress the vapers after using it? I’ll categorize the feedback into 5 sections and make a summary.



The reviewers have the same opinion on Aspire AVP’s look.

  • ‘I do like the carbon-fibre shell…’
  • ‘it is handable and portable, easy to carry.’
  • ‘the metal material makes it durable and comfortableto handle.’
  • ‘I love the zinc alloy material.’
  • ‘it looks shiny.’

This is the truth. AVP AIO is 82 mm in length, 39 mm in width and 14 mm in thickness. The available colors are black, grey, purple, orange and rainbow. From the Aspire Facebook comments, the fans love the Orange most. Personally, I love it, too. You need a close look to notice its glittering edge design.

  • ‘the lanyard is my favorite, I can’t lose it or find the vape all the time.’
  • ‘You can hang it on your neck or attach it to other important gear. If you put it in your bag, you can find it easily you just find the lanyard!’

Aspire AVP AIO


Many people also mention that the safety protection is a highlight of the AVP.

  • ‘You can switch on or off the device by pressing five times on the small button, this can prevent the device mistakenly firing in your pocket or bag.’
  • ‘Besides this, AVP inherits Aspire’s famous safety features, including automatic cutoff, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overcharge protection and overheat protection.’


Wattage and LED light

One of the highlights of the Aspire AVP, is that the LED indicator light which will change colors according to the current charge status (Red, Blue and Green). In more detail, 3.5 volts or less= red light; 3.5 to 3.8 volts= blue light; 3.8 volts and above =green light. What is more, when the USB cable is attached the LED light will flash red 3 times. When the AVP is fully charged the LED will flash green 20 times then remain off. When unplugging the USB cable, the LED will flash green 3 times.

  • ‘By applying the visual signs to the charge status, vapers can know the current charge right away.’
  • ‘The 700mAh battery capacities can allow me to vape all day along in my own situation.’



  • ‘it is magnetically attached to the device’
  • ‘I definitely recommend the newbies start with Aspire AVP, it is leak free and you will never mess it up’
  • ‘YES! Aspire AVP solves the tank leaking problems when you fill the e-liquid in the vape tank.’
  • ‘AVP pod has bottom leak free filling. Simply pull the magnetized pod from the device, and fill using the spring loaded leak resistant valve.’
  • ‘Most type of filling bottle can adapt to the AVP pod, many reviewers suggest the filling bottle with long and thin drip tip.’
  • ‘you can put the juice with any PG/VG ratios in the AVP pod.’

Plus, ‘AVP Kit contains two pods’. If the pre-installed coil needs to be change, you can replace with the new one immediately and order a new AVP pod from the online store or go to the local vape store.


Vapor and Taste

Although the AVP is portable, and considering its size, ‘it can produce great vapor beyond my imagination!’

This point is also proved by many Youtube reviewers. The taste is good as well, the flavor is rich in the mouth.



Aspire AVP has so many features:

  • Slim, light and portable;
  • Durable metal material and five stylish colors;
  • Comfortable to hold;
  • The lanyard prevents loss;
  • Led indicator lights illuminates at 8/10/12 watts by changing colors;
  • Leak proof pod system is user-friendly to new vapers;
  • Magnetically attached pod design is the simplest way to fill the e-juice.
  • constant and adjustable wattage outputs

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