Vaping evolves and the vaping industry has undergone lots of changes. A few years ago, many vapers were interested in powerful mods for more flavor and vapor. Today, most of vapers prefer more discreet devices such as pod mods or stick style vapes.

Vaping trends are also subjected to the ever-changing vaping laws and regulations. In this article, we have listed four vaping trends for 2020-21.

More Portable Vaping Devices

Smaller vaping devices have emerged. Most of vapers want vaping devices that are more discreet, portable, and smaller. One of the latest vape trends are the pod mods. These devices are intended as a combination between pod systems and mods. Pod mods come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. Usually, mods offer more features than pods, such as higher wattage, better firing power, temperature control and vaping modes. A good example of pod mods are the Aspire BP60, the Aspire BP80 or the Aspire Nautilus Prime.

One of Aspire's latest pod mods, the Aspire BP80.
One of Aspire’s latest pod mods, the Aspire BP80.

In addition, stick style pens will continue being very popular. Pen style or stick style vape pens are easy to carry in a pocket and ideal for stealth vaping. Aspire’s latest stick style vape is the Aspire Oby. In addition, Aspire will launch more pen style vapes with a revolutionary airflow system.

Aspire Oby, a sitck style vape.
Aspire Oby, a sitck style vape.

Smart Vapes

We will most likely see a proliferation of vaping devices with innovative technologies. For example, vaping devices that you will be able to control wirelessly via Bluetooth connection. However, these sort of smart vaping devices are not that effective yet. Most of vapers prefer simple vaping devices. A Bluetooth vape that you can manage from your phone will be more expensive and not necessarily more effective that classic vaping devices.


Aspire Noname 9 th Tank is also available as an RTA tank.
Aspire Noname 9 th Tank is also available as an RTA tank.

Rebuildable tank atomizers are very popular and they will continue being very popular. RTA tanks are ideal for vapers who are looking for more customization. RTA are more cost effective as you won’t need to purchase coil heads every two or three weeks. You will just need to change the wicks after a couple of weeks. In addition, RTAs vaporize more e-liquid than standard tank. Moreover, you have more coil options with RTA tanks. For example, you can build single coils, Clapton coils, dual, triple coils, etc.

Nicotine Salts

Nic salts will still be the preferred nicotine vape juice for most of vapers. Nicotine salts provide a smoother throat hit while containing higher concentration of nicotine than freebase e-liquids. With nicotine salts vapers experience a nicotine buzz similar to cigarettes. Therefore, they are a better choice for vapers who are trying to quit smoking.


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