What makes a good mod?

What makes a good mod? This question came up over Skype and it was surprising how many different facets to consider when answering that particular question. The size, the shape, the materials and build, whether or not the mod has a sealed battery, the wattage range, the resistance range, floating 510 connection, nice buttons, a good warranty, elegance or flair, temperature control, protective features, clear and convenient menu, firmware/software updates, wifi connectivity, 4g? The list could go on further I am sure. In an ever changing industry and market such as this it is anyone’s guess as to which way the wind will blow next. That’s one of the things I love about the electronic cigarette industry, there is always a surprise around the corner. Compounding this is the fact that all of this is subjective to each user so everyone will have their personal opinion of what a good mod is.

My friend said that his perfect mod would be something safe, practical, can fit into his pocket, and will not auto fire. Something with a good warranty, one that shows the company believes in their product so that he can also have confidence in the product. He also added that the mod should be easy to understand and use.

My personal idea of the perfect mod should be something small, rugged, swappable batteries, fast charging (just in case), temp control (as an option), solid buttons, a clear easy to read screen with an intuitive menu, and no flashy logos.

Here at Aspire we love to take feedback from our customers. Seeing your ideas materialize makes us proud. So I want to ask you, the reader and the customer, what you think the perfect mod is. Maybe you will see your idea materialized!