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Some tips to avoid spitback

Spitback means occasional sizzling e-liquid that can sometimes shoot into vapers’ mouths, usually accompanied by popping sounds. The simple cause of spitback is e-juice getting pooled up on the coil and boiled instead of being vaporized, like when we are cooking, dropping oil to the hot pan. Even though spitback happens with all brands of

Visit Aspire at Vaping Show in Shenzhen April 14-16

Visit Aspire at the IECIE Expo in Shenzhen! If you are in the Guangdong China or Hong Kong area attending trade fairs, make sure to swing by Shenzhen to check out Aspire at the Shenzhen IECIE E-cigarette (Vaporizer) show. We will have some of our latest models to showcase, Aspire vaping station and many other