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Awesome ARC coil in the new Aspire Revvo tank

After using the new SkyStar kit for just a short while, I feel I need to update you on what I feel is indeed the ‘revolutionary new Revvo tank. Although the mod itself is awesome, the touchscreen really responsive and easy to use, for me, the standout feature of this kit is the Revvo tank. 

SkyStar Revvo kit, all it’s hyped up to be?

So, I saw the hype. What were the words and phrases used on the website? Let’s refresh our memory….. “…a dual 18650, 210 watt mod with a 1.3 inch touch screen…” “… the revolutionary Revvo tank…..” “…. an all new concept in coils….” “…. flat Radial coil…” “……innovative replaceable coils….” “….. similar to a ‘stove-top’