Visit Aspire At Vape Expo UK – Revolutionary Tech to be Unveiled

Hello Aspire Fans,

Live in the UK? Visiting the UK? Going to the Vape Expo UK?

Come to the Vape Expo UK. Aspire will see you there. Aspire is this year's Platinum sponsor so it will be impossible to miss Aspire.

Why come to this Vape Expo? Aspire UK distribution team will

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Aspire Plato V05 Firmware Upgrades Step-Down Protection in VV & VW modes

The Aspire Plato V05 firmware upgrades step down protection under VV and VW modes. The Plato will detect when the battery charge is too weak to deliver the desired wattage or voltage and will automatically adjust the Plato wattage or voltage to a supportable level. The screen will then show the current wattage or voltage instead of the settings you have set.

In older firmware versions, the Plato screen did not show the current Wattage or Voltage even when it had dropped.

Aspire Plato V05 Firmware

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Aspire Cleito RTA Dual Post Velocity Deck RBA Now Available

The Cleito RTA is an adapter that screws into the Cleito base hardware. The Cleito RTA works with the original 3.5ml tank as well as the 5.0ml Pyrex tank accessory. With a MSRP of just $15, the Cleito RTA offers a lot to existing Cleito tank owners.

The Cleito Features two

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Aspire Plato v04 Firmware Change Log – Variable Voltage Mode

[caption id="attachment_718" align="alignnone" width="300"] Aspire Plato firmware V04 firmware adds a third Vaping mode: Variable Voltage (VV) mode.[/caption]

Hello Aspire Plato Users,

Aspire has released V04 Firmware for the Plato All-in-One (AIO) device.

The Aspire Plato

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Aspire Plato All-in-One (AIO) Vaporizer Hot-Spots Overview

Introducing the Aspire Plato ....  Discover new Boundaries with Next Gen Vaping.

The Aspire Plato is Aspire's latest All-in-One (AIO) vaporizer kit. AIO kits have the Atomizer tank built into the body of the unit. The first reason Plato represents the next generation of

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10 Helpful Tips while using Aspire Plato All-in-One (AIO)

Aspire Plato is a very sophisticated device which revolutionizes the All-in-One vaping arena by adding several cool features. Here are some helpful tips while using this Aspire Plato:

Tip 1:
Do not install battery and press fire button until there is e-juice in the tank and coils

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Being the premiere atomizer vaping brand, Aspire has fought for years for protect unsuspecting customers from counterfeit Aspire products. The Aspire forum is full of stories of fake Aspire products.

Traditionally, the Scratch and Check sticker was placed on Aspire product packaging, but Aspire is now running a “Scratch and Win” coupon giveaway sweepstakes. The authenticity scratch and check sticker is now placed on card that doubles up as a sweepstakes giveaway lottery.

At Aspire, we like to call it “Aspire and Win” not only because you be assured you are vaping and original Aspire product, you also receive a chance to win with the Aspire lottery!

We all know that vaporizers (also miscoined e-cigarettes), help many smokers quit the habit. There are many  long term health benefits to quitting smoking. Vaping is a very healthy alternative to traditional smoking. There are also non-Nicotine  E-liquid or E-juice options.

I personally vape for the flavor (like chewing bubble gum), or when wanting to take a deep breathe (deep vape) and to be part of the cool vaping community. An increasing amount of vaping hobbyists Worldwide also vape non-nicotine vapes to just be a part of the vaping scene.

Whether you are vaping to quit smoking, vaping to for pure fun,  or scratching your Aspire vape authentication lottery card, when you choose Aspire you will always be a winner.

Aspire – To Be…

-Aspire Team



Aspire’s K2, K3 and K4 Starter Kit pre-orders are now ready to ship. Announced late February, the K2 through k4 Quick Start kits received a warm welcome to the beginning and MTL vaping community.

Why is this latest line of atomizers called Quick Start Kits?  There are several

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