Infographic: Here Is Every Generation of Aspire’s products till now

Aspire nautilus is the first tank released by Aspire under the brand “Aspire”.  And the aspire 18650 battery is the latest products released by Aspire til now. With the relationship between Aspire and Eigate, Aspire’s factory also an OEM factory that accept orders worldwide.  Now all that’s left is to see the time of every generation of Aspire’s products till now — and what you are using.

Take a picture of the Tank in the picture that you have with you to win a free gift from Aspire’s official online store.

Update: We’ve seen too many pictures with just tanks in it, so i plan to launch another giveaway, to choose among the guys who can show face in the picture he took.




  • Brandon Crum

    My new Atlantis V2!

  • Erick

    My Nautilus!

  • Danwade

    The aspire family !

  • Irvin Rivas

    This was my very first setup and i still love it!

  • Nathan Carrier

    My Atlantis

  • Irvin Rivas

    This was my very first setup and i still love it

  • Nathan Carrier

    Won’t let me take a picture!!!

    • aspirecigservice


      • Nathan Carrier

        Now it does haha. Last night I would press it and nothing would come up. It was driving me crazy

  • Kara Grover

    I’ve tried other tanks and they don’t compare. The Atlantis 2 is on my wish list!

  • acy

    This baby survive the washing machine this weekend thats how you know aspire is good quality products

  • Ryan Zulisky

    Got my Atlantis as soon as it released and have been wanting the Atlantis 2 but haven’t got it yet.

  • devon white

    loving the Atlantis.

  • Zen Valo

    Aspire Stainless Steel Nautilus, custom wrapped to match the Stainless Steel and Teflon drip tip. It’s my all day, everyday tank. I don’t use anything else. There’s nothing better out there, at least as far as I need.

  • DefiantSentryV

    One of the first tanks I bought, and I still use it as a backup to this day. I’d love to try out the atlantis someday!

  • cjames206

    Here is what I have on hand

  • Woody

    My first ever tank, loved it ever since I bought it! Notice the Aspire subohm in the background, great device too! Love aspire, really want to try the Atlantis 2 once I have some spare cash!

  • Adam Merkle

    my trusty nautilus’
    roommate has the atlantis too, all of them really solid tanks that we’ve recommended to numerous different vapers… in fact, one of them took me up on my recommendation and ordered the atlantis 2! in any case, thanks for this!

  • CharlesStults

    Nautilus on a Heatvape Invader Mini

  • Josh Jones

    I think the Atlantis Sub Mod kid and backup coils need no introduction and explanation at how bad ass it and Aspire is.

  • CharlesStults

    Nautilus on a Heatvape Invader Mini

  • Tom Hughes

    We’re an Aspire couple! Nautilus mini on an iStick mini and an Atlantis on an iStick 50w!

  • Steven Tourville

    Atlantis with CF Sub ohm

  • Keelan Glenn

    Mine, and the wife’s, collection…three Nautilus Minis, Atlantis, and a Nautilus with the variant tanks. Aspire is our “go to” devices….keep up the innovation!

  • Keelan Glenn

    Between the wife, and I, we have five Aspire tanks…one Nautilus, three Nautilus minis, and an Atlantis…most with the stainless tank variants. They’re our “go to” devices…keep up the good work, and innovation, Aspire! I wish I could post a pic of the family, however, it seems I can’t..

  • David Bankson

    I’m on mobile and it won’t let me post an image. I tap the image icon, but nothing happens.

    • aspirecigservice

      You can post on our facebook.

  • Bjørnar Berntsen

    My aspire nautilus wich i love. even have a spare glass and 1 in steel if i should be so unlucky to break the glass. has happend before 🙂 i also have some aspire batterys but currently using a eleaf 🙂

  • Nik Clark

    I have several Aspire tanks, but this one is still my favourite.

  • ‘Chris Beasley

    Cf sub ohm and atlantis my go to

  • Matthew Lacy

    Sub ohm battery along with the Atlantis!

  • Márió Nagy

    My first aspire tank, the Nautilus!

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  • RaoulD

    My Nautilus Mini, loving it since day 1.

  • Jesse Patterson

    Atlantis all day baby!

  • Bo

    My first Aspire tank. Still loving it.

  • Kevin Rice

    Spire Atlantis on my Sigelei 100w box mod. The flavor is on point!

  • Joey Fortner


  • Emg8185

    2 et-s and a 510 ce5. They are not my daily drivers any more , as I moved on to higher wattage RDA/RTAs . They currently get use as backups and new flavor testers.(Two of them are apart for cleaning )

  • Chris Thousands

    Aspire atlantis but I also have a nautilus and ets that my wife uses

  • Chris Thousands


  • Chris Thousands

  • Chris Thousands

    Aspire atlantis here but also have an ets and nautilus

  • Nathan Carrier

    My Atlantis!!! And Eddy in the background haha

  • Łukasz P

    nautilus mini <3

  • Sarah Otis Tenney

    Aspire Nautilus mini pctures are not working for me

  • Sarah Otis Tenney

    Nautilus mini!

  • Allison Bader

    Aspire Nautilus. Love it!!

  • Chris Vaughn

    My ET-S. Just ordered more coils too. Miss my nautilus though. Got stolen a few weeks ago.

  • Kevin Lewis

    Have the nautalis and just bought the atlantis great vap

  • Sean McEnroe

    Loving my Nautilus Mini!

    • I love the fact that the “T” tank replacement wasn’t listed in to timeline of released products… 🙂

  • Kristain Elizabeth Cotton

    Atlantis V1 with 5ml tank. 🙂

  • Matt Cheney

    Nautilus mini…the be all end all clearo for mouth to lung vaping as far as I’m concerned. I also own a veritable army of K1s and ET-Ss.

  • Martin Spencer Land

    This is the best tank I have in my arsenal!

  • Jason Castro

    Aspire Atlantis!!!!

  • Shanos

    Mini Nautilus

  • Todd N Lisa Garland

    I am using the Nautilus mini right now, I switch between the original Nautilus, the Aspire BBC tanks. I love them all!

  • Todd N Lisa Garland

    Right now, I’m using the Nautilus mini, but I switch between the original Nautilus, and the Aspire BDC…I love all of them!

    • Todd N Lisa Garland

      My picture disappeared!

  • Isaac Gibson

    Just received this beauty this morning. Absolutely loving it! Also have the original atlantis with a hallowed tank, that I never put down prior to receiving the V2! Keep pushing out those great products!

  • Justin Baynum

    First couple tanks were Aspire.

  • Justin Baynum

    How do we get the gift?

  • James Smith

    My lineup!!

  • Will Hensley

    Posted on reddit, but doing it here too, my new Nautilus!

  • zsombor nagy

    Vivi Nova-S and K1!

  • monk3ywr3nch

    been with aspire since the vivi nova’s, great products!

  • Jeff Collings

    I also had the mini Vivi Nova and the Viviv Nova-S, but I pif’d them to a friend who started vaping.

  • Dirk Brewer

    Nautilus Mini (VV+), Atlantis V1 (CF Mod), Atlantis Mega (CF MAXX)

  • Pablo Marcelo

    my travel kit!

  • Matthew Hugo

    Ha, love my Atlantis. Can’t wait to get my hands on V2!

  • Westin Mace

    I have the Atlantis!

  • robert

    Mini nautilus with cf sub ohm loving it use a dripper on the cf sub ohm also..

  • Scott Thomas

    Aspire CF Sub Ohm and Atlantis with upgraded 5ml tank!

    • Scott Thomas

      also had (but gave to my sister) K1, Nautilus Mini and a few vivi nova tanks

  • David Olson

    I’ve got the Atlantis and the Nautilus mini

  • David Olson

    It won’t let me add a picture

  • Matthew Hugo

    Here is a pic with my face in it and my Aspire Atlantis. I LOVE my Aspire Atlantis. I have been using your stuff since the Vivi Novas. I used to have a metal Vivi Nova for each of my 12 flavors I had in my vape box that way I didn’t have to worry about changing flavors, lol.

  • Brandon Crum

    Atlantis V2!

  • Justin ONeal

    Original and V2

    • aspirecigservice

      Hi, congrats, you are the winner, reason: 2 is better than 1. Please respond with your address for us to send you the gift.

      • Justin ONeal


        • aspirecigservice

          Hi, your name and phone number please?

          • Justin ONeal

            Justin O’Neal 404-775-1462

      • Justin ONeal

        My address is
        Justin O’Neal
        2945Cobbparkway#115 Kennesaw Georgia 30152

      • Justin ONeal

        Thanks so much I just realized I was the only winner 2 is definitely better then 1.. my address is Justin O’Neal
        2945 Cobb parkway #115
        Kennesaw, Ga 30152

  • Ian Ralph

    Here is my Atlantis 2 on my Eleaf 50w

  • Destinee Gulledge


  • Kenneth Thompson

    Love my aspire atlantis v2 awesome tank… have 2 lol

  • Kenneth Thompson

    Heres a pic…

    • Kenneth Thompson

      Won’t let me take a pic

  • John Cunningham

    My addition to the London Skyline! 🙂

  • Reinaldo Rojas III

    I used to have the Atlantis replacement tank but I dropped it and broke the glass, so I now I use the original Atlantis tank. I wish it would let me post the picture.

  • gliz4


  • gliz4

    love my Aspire stuff

  • Neil Greenwell

    I’ve tried two or three different kinds and aspire is by far the best


    Atlantis with eleaf 30w big bore tip

  • DefiantSentryV

    ET-S on an eGo battery. Wow, that feels like so long ago.

  • Crystal Dawn Hewell

    All day every day!!!!

  • Steven Tourville

    Have the original atlantis

  • Justin Mccomiskey

    love my new platinum kit and my nautilus setup mouth to lung the way to go wayhay

  • Justin Mccomiskey

    wont save picture on site

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  • Yaasin Rah’man


  • Yaasin Rah’man


  • Yaasin Rah’man


  • Yaasin Rah’man

    Nautilus all the way

  • gliz4

    my BDC’s

  • gliz4

    more of my BDC’s

  • kenturpel

    The Aspire Atlantis and CF SUB is the best set up I’ve ever bought.

  • Pendejo Jubilado Cojo

    Exellent, since mini e pen, to mini nautilus ; Aspire is my favorite