Infographic:Have You Ever Bought a Fake/Cloned Aspire Atlantis 2

Have you ever been taken advantage of? We all have at some point. Taxes, classes, work, Nigerian Princes, Scientology…etc From the mundane to the bizarre there are so many pitfalls that we as consumers need to be warey of. Personally, I enjoy the downright bizarre ones. I digress. Here at Aspire we want all of our consumers to purchase our products with confidence. So have a read below and get three tips to avoid being abducted into a religious cult or sending all of your life’s savings to someone telling you that you inherited 30,000,000$ and all you need to do is send them 30,000$ to cover the transfer fees, or simply being ripped off when you’re trying to get your hands on one of our phenomenal products!


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  • kenturpel

    I’ve looked up every code even on my coils and I’ve been lucky so far.

  • Claudia A

    So is Fasttech not an authorized retailer? I was gonna get another Mini Nautilus there since I don’t live in the States 🙁

    • Charles Williams

      They are often not an authorized reseller for some brands, but they still sell authentics that they get from 3rd party distributors. All the coils I bought on FT that were labelled authentic turned out to be authentic when I received them. I have had good luck with them so far.

  • EaseDel

    Bought a nautilus mini. Was told it was authentic and it proved to be. Same with the coils. Wish I knew what happened to it to be honest. Lost it somehow 🙁

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  • Jacquie Hayes

    Ok, have an authentic nautilis mini, but I’m looking for your authentic nautilis ceramic coils…..can you help me out!

  • Von

    I bought a cleito tank and tried to verify the authenticity on your website and it says it’s been claimed more then 60 times. I contacted the seller and they stated that you guys clone your products and serial numbers and you don’t care about the authenticity system at all. I just want to know if that’s true because if not I most likely received a fake tank.