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Aspire has joined lots of international expos to allow our customers know more about us, and provide a place to let them try our products.

Recently, we  had great success at the Canada Vape Expo in Toronto, one of our official agents –PACIFIC SMOKE INTERNATIONAL  attended the expo on our behalf. The Canadian people were very enthusiastic toward us, and the Aspire stand was very popular for the vapers.

Aspire Vape Expo

We are doing our best to build better relationships with our customers, no matter whether online, or offline, we are devoting ourselves to providing more and more great innovative products to customers and give more and more vapers the chance to try these wonderful products!

We will attend more expos in different countries in the future, please keep following us to find out if there will be one near you!

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New color option for Aspire Breeze Thu, 24 Aug 2017 02:09:03 +0000 Since aspire Breeze arrived on the market, we have received lots of positive feedback for this cute AIO device.

The Breeze has a very elegant design, and great performance in both vapor and flavor. It has 4 color options: Black, grey, red and blue.

Recently we  received some suggestions from customers asking for a green color for the Breeze, so we are glad to announce that this has now been realized!

aspire breeze green color

For more information regarding the new color and Breeze specifications, please check here:


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Aspire is about to launch a brand new AIO device, the all new Gusto mini Wed, 16 Aug 2017 09:24:39 +0000 aspire gusto mini

Following the successful release of the Aspire Plato AIO kit, lots of vapers have been calling for a Plato 2 or mini Plato version as it looks great and performs wonderfully.

So after several months’ research, Aspire has developed a Plato-looking, yet mini version AIO kit, and we’ve named it the Gusto mini. It looks like a mini style Plato, but uses completely different technology.

Want to know more details on the Gusto mini? This new cute, small kit with “gusto” will come to the market soon, so just stay tuned for further details!

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Battery Safety Sat, 12 Aug 2017 01:01:11 +0000 aspire 18650 battery

Just thought I’d drop this in here as I was sent some pictures from a friend yesterday. It was about damaged batteries and what kind of damage they could do. He received them from someone else and I was quite shocked to be honest. I couldn’t believe how naïve people were about battery safety.

First of all though my apologies, I’m sure that all you vapers out there that use replaceable batteries know all about battery safety so I could be preaching to the converted but here goes again.

These batteries are fairly powerful and can pack a hefty punch so need to be handled with care, the last thing we need is for them to ‘short out’ causing what is commonly known as ‘thermal runaway’. 

Thermal runaway occurs when the temperature of a cell increases in an uncontrolled manner, leading to its failure. This temperature increase generates gases, which vent when the pressure inside the cell rises above a design value. For lithium-ion cells, these gases are hot and combustible, which can become a hazard if a pack was not designed to control the causes and consequences of thermal runaway. It can result in the venting of toxic and highly flammable gases and the release of significant energy in the form of heat. If ignited, these gases can cause enclosed areas to over-pressurize, and if unmitigated, this overpressure can result in an explosion and severe damage to the battery and surrounding equipment or people.

I’m sure we’ve all seen horrific pictures of injuries to people said to be caused by batteries in E-cigarettes so I won’t be putting any more here. Nor shall I write about the specific conditions that caused them.  However we can prevent ourselves from becoming one of these statistics with just a little common sense, powers of observation and care.

I want to reiterate warnings that we see everywhere about the condition of the ‘wraps’ or ‘wrappers’ used on replaceable e-cigarette batteries. Under no circumstances should you use any battery with ANY kind of damage to the wrappers, no tears or rips should be anywhere on the wrapper.

Aspire now include warnings against the use of damaged battery wrappers, which is fantastic!  I think all companies should be doing this as a ‘compliance’ issue when they sell products with removable batteries, well done Aspire!

battery safety

We can clearly see here damaged wrappers on the right, but its not just the ends of the battery wrap that can get damaged. The sides are also vulnerable to small nicks and cuts, exposing the metal casing beneath and are just as dangerous as the pictures above.

If we look closely at this picture, we can see, just above the persons thumb, a tiny hole in the battery wrap as well as the damage to the end.  Even if the end of this battery hadn’t been damaged, I personally still wouldn’t use it.  That is how observant and careful you should also be.

18650 battery safety

So, should we throw these batteries away?  Well as long as the battery itself isn’t damaged and its only the wrap, all is not lost.  A lot of vape shops both the physical stores and online actually sell wrappers so that your battery can be re-wrapped, some might even do it for you for the cost of the wrapper and a small fee – a lot cheaper than a new battery.  If you don’t have a physical store you can still buy wrappers online and fit yourself.;  There are numerous tutorials on you tube showing you how do re-wrap a battery easily and safely.

Having checked and re-wrapped your batteries you need somewhere to keep them right?  Whether it’s out of harms way an a drawer or cupboard, or more likely, carrying around so that you always have a spare full charged battery when you’re out and about with your vape.

Now, in your pocket, purse or bag with bunches of keys and other metal objects ………..its just asking for a ‘short’ and a whole lot of trouble.  So again, get to your vape store or online and get some very cheap and affordable but very safe battery cases.  Here are some that I use …

battery box battery care battery case

So, take care and be safe with your batteries, don’t become another statistic, I’m kinda sick of seeing such awful pictures to be honest.

Article by Peter of Aspire team

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Some tips to avoid spitback Wed, 09 Aug 2017 10:07:04 +0000 Spitback means occasional sizzling e-liquid that can sometimes shoot into vapers’ mouths, usually accompanied by popping sounds. The simple cause of spitback is e-juice getting pooled up on the coil and boiled instead of being vaporized, like when we are cooking, dropping oil to the hot pan. Even though spitback happens with all brands of tank, which makes vapers unhappy.

Here are some tips to avoid spitback:

1.Please don’t flood your coils. Before installing a new coil to the tank, some users usually prime the coil, dripping some drops of e-juice onto the wicks. If you drip too much e-juice into the chamber of the coil, it can easily cause the coil to flood and spit.

prime the coil
prime the coil










2.Clean your tank often, including the chimney ,top hardware and mouth piece. In use, some condensation can build up inside the chimney or be collected at the top hardware or mouth piece of your tank. If the condensations find its way back down to your coil, it will also cause spitback. You can roll up tissue paper or use a Q-tip or cotton bud and insert it down into the chimney from the mouth piece, which will soak up the excess e-juice and condensation inside the coil.

Clean your tank often
Clean your tank often










3.Turn up your wattage. If the wattage is too low, the e-juice will not be vaporized on the coil as quickly as the wick is supplying it. Please try to increase your wattage according to the suggested wattage range given by the manufacturers.

4.Fire before inhaling. If your coil floods with e-juice, you can just hit the fire button for a few seconds before you start to inhale. When the popping sounds go away, then you can vape without fear of spitback.(When trying this method, please keep in mind that the vapor will be a little hot, because some heat has already built up inside the coil while you hit the fire button).

5.Use a higher VG e-juice. If you are using a sub ohm tank, the e-juice holes of the coil can be quite large, high PG e-juices are thinner,less viscous-and are more likely to flood the coil and cause leaking or spitback issues.

6.Inhale more gently. When you inhale too strongly will draw more e-juice into the coil and cause flooding. If your tank’s airflow is adjustable, please adjust the airflow to your favorite position and inhale gently.

We hope these tips can help you get back to your favorite vape. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share with us.

More Aspire products please

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Massive news recently regarding the FDA Vaping Regulations Sat, 05 Aug 2017 00:37:31 +0000 Massive news recently regarding the FDA Vaping Regulations
Massive news recently regarding the FDA Vaping Regulations











It has recently been announced that the deadline for submissions has been extended providing manufacturers additional time to develop higher quality, more complete applications informed by additional guidance from the agency.

The agency plans to issue this guidance describing a new enforcement policy shortly. Under expected revised/extended timelines, applications for non-combustible products such as ENDS or e-cigarettes would be submitted by Aug. 8, 2022. Additionally, the FDA expects that manufacturers would continue to market products while the agency reviews product applications.

Really great news all round it seems. The advocacy groups are really excited about this move by the FDA as it means more time to put forward a stronger case for vaping.

As you are no doubt aware, Aspire has joined many of the advocate groups and associations, like SEVIA USA, the Global Vaping Standards Association, and the Canadian Vaping Association.

We’ve funded all these associations especially SEVIA USA where Aspire is a founder member. Furthermore, we intend to put our full weight behind them and, helped by the extension of the FDA PMTA, we look to find a positive and favorable outcome in any and all negotiations.

However the original “deeming rule” still exists in its original form. That’s what we need to change. This announcement gives us more time to do that.

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Important article for Lipo battery care Wed, 02 Aug 2017 07:29:18 +0000 aspire 18650 2600mah battery

Nowadays, more and more people have started vaping, and many people are using Lipo (Lithium Polymer) batteries. However, as we have seen on the internet, there have been several fire accidents caused by vape devices. So battery care and how to use batteries correctly is becoming more and more important for vapers.

Here is a very informative and valuable article relating to care of lipo batteries, click the link to read the article:

We also suggest you using high quality certified vaping devices and 18650 or 26650 batteries. Aspire has a dedicated and professional battery factory, where we manufacture high quality batteries for vaping devices, receiving very good feedback from the market.

Click here to find out more about aspire 18650 batteries.

aspire 18650 2600mah battery

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It’s not smoking! Wed, 26 Jul 2017 08:33:04 +0000 vaping is not smoking

One of my favorite ways to relax is to sit having a vape and a nice coffee outside my local coffee shop.  For the last few weeks it’s been on my new Speeder Kit (Mod and Athos tank).  The owner and staff know me well and often ask “what flavor you got today?” They understand that my ‘vape’ is merely water vapor and as harmless to them as the steam coming from the ‘milk frother’ that they use dozens of times a day.

However, it’s not always lovely and relaxing when I’m outside that little coffee shop.  At times there are people who, it seems, have never seen anyone vape, or have no knowledge of the e-cigarette culture, how it works, why a lot of people use it, and how it does (or actually doesn’t) affect them personally, health wise.  They just see the ‘clouds’ of vapor and just assume that it’s SMOKE!

Now not so long ago, it wasn’t too bad with these people, as I never used to use such a powerful mod and tank.  The vapor, while nice and flavorful, wasn’t as voluminous or thick as my new Speeder kit. They might tut, shake their heads and look at me with distain and would never take the time to listen to what I was trying to explain and how much ‘safer’ vaping  is than cigarette smoking.  Now, it’s much more difficult with my even more powerful mod.  I can’t seem to make them realize or understand that VAPING IS NOT SMOKING!

I want to use this blog to try to explain a few things, hopefully those who do vape and read this, can pass it on to show others how and why vaping is not smoking and that for the people that ‘tut’ when they see a cloud of vapor they can perhaps understand what ‘vaping’ is all about.

aspire speeder 200w kit

In the United Kingdom there is some consensus that smokers should be encouraged to use e-cigarettes if they feel they might help, and the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training is supportive of their use.

Part of the reason many vapers feel so passionately about the subject (and react strongly when they feel that vaping is being unfairly attacked) is that for the first time, through the use of e-cigarettes, they have felt able to take control of their nicotine habit, stop smoking, and reassert some control over their health, without being medicalized in the process.

Of course, nothing is entirely risk-free, but the vastly reduced number of chemicals present in e-cigarette vapor compared to tobacco smoke means we can be confident that vaping will be much, much less harmful than smoking. This suggests tobacco smokers may be able to reduce immediate tobacco-related harm by switching from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Many people find it difficult to function without their first caffeine hit of the day. However no one is seriously calling for coffee shops to be dismantled or regulated, especially the very people who ‘tut’ when I vape outside my local coffee shop.

Yes we all know nicotine is addictive, but much less, so on its own than in tobacco, where other chemicals enhance its effect. At the doses consumed by vapers the harm is likely to be very low and many vapers actually gradually move to zero nicotine content e-liquids, even while continuing to vape, I myself have found that over time I use lower and lower amounts of nicotine.

aspire breeze kit

So why is vaping NOT smoking? Let’s look at some definitions and you can decide for yourself.

Medical definition of smoke(v): to inhale and exhale the fumes of burning plant material and especially tobacco.

Medical definition of vaporize(v): to convert from a liquid or solid into a vapor.

From their medical definitions alone, it’s pretty obvious that smoking and vaporizing are not the same thing. Electronic cigarettes were designed as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Many look like real cigarettes and mimic the same rituals including the inhalation and exhalation of a smoke-like aerosol vapor. However, there are some key differences that distinguish vaping from smoking.

Key Points

E-cigarettes do not involve the use of fire, but rather a heated coil.

Unlike tobacco, combustion is not involved in the vaporizing of e-liquid.

Vapor does not leave a stinky smell on fabrics or skin.

Vaping doesn’t produce any sidestream smoke or vapor.

E-cig vapor has a completely different chemical composition than cigarette    smoke and contains far fewer toxins at much lower levels.

No smoke without Fire

In order to smoke a cigarette, one must light the end of a tobacco filled, pre-rolled paper tube with a flame. Tobacco may also be smoked by being packed into the bowl of a pipe and lit with a lighter. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, do not require a lighter or flame in order to be operated. They simply involve a liquid solution heated into a vapor using a battery-powered atomizer.

Because electronic cigarettes don’t involve the use of a flame during operation, they produce a much lower heat than a lit cigarette and therefore don’t involve combustion. An atomizer coil made from resistance wire is fed a current from a battery causing it to heat up to a temperature hot enough to vaporize a flavored e-liquid. Yes, the coil may glow on a dry wick but in the presence of liquid it only heats up.

Smoking alternatively uses a flame to combust pieces of tobacco leaves along with thousands of added chemicals into smoke. Temperatures of a lit cigarette coal climb up to around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, much hotter than those of e-cigs. It is possible for tobacco leaves to be vaporized but the vapor would still contain about 5 percent smoke. In the absence of combustion of the over 7000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, e-cig vapor will also not leave an odor behind on fabrics or skin.

Secondhand smoke

There are two ways second hand smoke is spread to bystanders and people around you. The first is the more obvious exhalation of smoke by the user after taking a puff from a cigarette. Referred to as mainstream smoke, it is usually passed through a filter in the cigarette butt to remove some of the tar produced during combustion before it is inhaled and exhaled into the surrounding air. Secondhand smoke is actually more dangerous as it is unfiltered and is usually more prevalent, especially in smokers who take longer breaks between puffs.

Electronic cigarettes contain no secondhand vapor, as there is no lit end of an e-cig and the user inhales nearly all of the vaporized liquid.

Electronic cigarette liquid typically only contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and optional nicotine. Flavorings can include malic acid (fruit/sour), acetylpyrazine (chocolate), vanillin and menthol. Vapor from liquid containing nicotine can also contain trace amounts of tobacco specific nitrosamines, albeit at levels below limits of detection and up to 1,400 times lower than in cigarette smoke.

In conclusion

Because e-cigarettes don’t involve the use of a flame or combustion, vaping can’t be considered the same as smoking. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes don’t produce any secondhand smoke or vapor and operate using far less heat than the lit end of a cigarette. E-cig vapor does still contain a few of the VOCs and TSNAs found in cigarette smoke, but at far lesser levels. However, its appearance will understandably lead many people to believe that it is no different than smoke, just as the marine mist layer creeping onto coastal communities at night has a similar appearance to that of smoke from a burning brushfire.

Article by Peter from Aspire Team.




The new Aspire Athos tank quick review Sat, 15 Jul 2017 01:54:14 +0000 Aspire just launched the new Speeder 200W kit including Speeder mod and Athos tank. It looks fantastic, but how’s its performance? Today I will review the Athos tank in brief, let’s check it out together!

Aspire Athos tank rainbow

The Athos is very nice in appearance; there is a tapered clear drip tip and an extra, wider bore, Delrin drip tip, similar to a ‘chuff cap’ for different needs. The whole structure is very simple, it’s very easy to change the coil and clean the tank.

There is a nice knurling design both on top cap and adjustable airflow ring, so you can easily grip and unscrew the top cap to fill or adjust the airflow.

Aspire Athos tank coil install

The Aspire Athos tank features easy top-filling, with a very adequate fill port, big enough to drip or drop e-liquid into it without any mess.

Aspire athos tank refill e-liquid

The Aspire Athos uses an all new coil design, the Tri-coil head, (three cores) is rated at 0.3Ω and the recommended power setting is 60-75 watts, while the Penta-coil head (five cores) rated at 0.16 Ω with a recommended power setting of 100-120 watts. Many people want to know how it compares to our Cleito tank, I’ll tell you, the Athos is somewhat different to the Cleito, more like our Cleito120 but with the benefit of a more powerful output and greater airflow (you can imagine the difference between single coil and multi-coil set-up).

Aspire Athos coil

It’s a bit unfortunate for sub-ohm vapers in TPD regulated countries’, but don’t worry, Aspire has you covered. In order to meet TPD requirements, The Aspire Athos has 2ml and 4ml options. As you can see in the picture below, the 2ml and 4ml versions uses same base hardware, same coil, same top cap and drip tip, so to switch back to a 4ml version, you just need to change the glass and metal protective tube, then you will be able to have a 4ml version, lol. don’t let the TPD regulators know!

Aspire Athos tank 2ml and 4ml version

Want to know more about Aspire Athos? Check here: Aspire Athos Tank

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Some useful tips for better use of the Cleito and Cleito120 Wed, 12 Jul 2017 01:37:18 +0000 The Cleito and Cleito120 are popular products which gained countless good reviews among vapers. Along with these good reviews, there were of course some less favorable ones.

Here we add up some useful tips to help customers use the Cleito & Cleito120 better.

aspire cleito tank

        1. Don’t overfill the tank. Not filling the tank all the way to the top leaves a little air inside which helps with wicking.
        2. Don’t leave eliquid in the tank while not being used. Cleito and Cleito120 are both designed for direct to lung vaping, this needs high-power and the coils carry a large amount of cotton. If the tank is unused for an extended length of time, the cotton can get saturated with excess juices. When you start to use the tank again, you press the fire button, the ejuice of the innermost layer of cotton gets atomized immediately, but the outer layer of cotton with full juices can stop the air and more juice from entering the inner layer of cotton, so the burning of the cotton could happen. Allow the tank to have a rest every few puffs to absorb  juice especially when using high VG.. Besides  not keeping juices in the unused tank for long time, drain the juice as far as possible then refill the tank next time its used.
        3. Close the air vents, and then fill or change your juice. After filling, flip it upside down so the air vents are at the top. Then open the air vents while upside down to relieve the air pressure and create a proper seal. Try to finish refilling within 30 seconds.
        4. Check if all your seals stay seated in their right places without any damage. Change the worn out seals or parts as soon as you notice any damage.aspire cleito120 tank

      We hope these tips will allow you to solve any minor issues and continue to enjoy your vaping.

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