Electronic cigarettes; function over form

Function over form?
Can you remember your first ecig? What did it look like? Or maybe you know someone who has or uses a mod that looks like something out of an episode of Dr. Who or Star Wars. You know exactly what I mean too. The big unwieldy futuristic devices that seem more concerned with form than with function. Should your ecig be a fashion accessory or simply your alternative to analog cigarettes? There is no correct answer because this boils down to personal preference. However most of us would prefer a sleek device with a muted appearance rather than something that looks like it came out of a scifi flick.
We love scifi as much as anyone else, don’t get me wrong but nobody really likes being stared and gawked at over our mods. Whether you’re just chilling at home, on the go with friends, at the club on a Friday night, or in the bathroom at work what really matters is how your mod feels and functions, right? And if we can enjoy a solid, well made, and reliable device without attracting undue attention over our preference in how we quit smoking even better!
Let it not go unsaid that there is a time and a place for everything, but is the bathroom really a place where you want to be seen sticking a sonic screwdriver in your mouth? Don’t misunderstand, nobody is hating on Dr. Who here. The point is that there are many different choices out there, some aesthetically pleasing and some not so, subjectively speaking.
No matter what kind of look you prefer the important thing is finding a healthy alternative to the analogs. So whether you want to look like a Jedi or a regular Joe there is a device out there for you.

  • Myrus Smiley

    I must say, it looks like I could phaser someone with my new Triton, but I consider this to be a good thing.

    I will buy 100x of them if Aspire can, indeed, include the phaser function along with the badass tank function they are already offering.