[Contest] 7 Days of Giveaways from Aspire — Second Day


Some of you might say that we’ve gone a little crazy with the contests and promotions this holiday season, but we think it’s better to give than to receive. And, we aren’t going to let this magical time of the year slip away without one big holiday hurrah.

The [Contest] 7 Days of Giveaways from Aspire — First Day was launched successfully yesterday, we will choose the winner in 24 hours. According to the poll results of “which present do you want most from Aspire tomorrow?” We prepared a Aspire Atlantis Mega as the present for this giveaway. We would more likely to choose the winner from the guys who can like and share on facebook, upvote and comment on reddit.

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  • EaseDel

    Mega holds more juice ( 5ml ) and had its diameter increased ( 30mm ). Either way both great tanks

  • angienewellhammond

    Don’t know difference because I’m new to Aspire. I love my Nautilus so would love to win.

  • Charles Wood

    The Mega Holds more juice

  • James Harris

    I would love to try out this new tank!

  • Carlos Figueroa

    Mega has more juice, baby!

  • Erick

    Sweet jebus.

  • kenturpel

    Killer deal! ♫♪♫♪

  • John Cunningham

    Wider diameter and holds more juice

  • Karl Skidmore

    mega 2 has a larger tank capacity, the capacity of the atlantis 2 being 3ml, while the atlantis 2 mega holds 5ml total. awesome!

  • AuntMaggieRocks

    I have the Aspire Atlantis and LOVE it. I’d love to have a mega!

  • Brandon Crum

    The mega is bigger.

  • CharlesStults

    The Atlantis Mega 2 has a larger 5ml tank and the Atlantis 2 has a 3ml tank. The Atlantis Mega is also 25mm while the Atlantis 2 is 22mm.

    • jason

      Atlantis mega is 30mm

      • CharlesStults

        Oops my bad that why I need one lol

  • Glen Caldwell

    I have the Atlantis and sub ohm mod. Love them though after 2 months the pin on the mood is twiggy

  • Claudia A

    The Atlantis Mega 2 is larger and holds more juice than the Atlantis 2

  • damien6669

    Mega Man!

  • devon white

    mega holds more juice

  • I have no idea what the difference is, but I suppose it’s size.

    • jason

      Atlantis vs mega

  • sonoftheright

    There’s a significant capacity difference between the two. And when it comes to tanks, size matters. 😛

  • Drew

    Mega is 2 ml larger.

  • Meghan Heinold

    Love aspire products. Had a nautilus. Now have atlantis. Next is mega or mega 2 lol

  • jackson

    Mega is fat and can hold as much juice as the nautilus

  • James Brady

    Do want!

  • Dres ツ

    Atlantis 2 Mega has 5ml while the Atlantis 2 has 3ml

  • Ben Comin

    Mega has a bigger tank! Vape for longer and fill less often!

  • The Atlantis Mega is huge :O

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  • Tiffany Ann Frye

    The mega is bigger! Has a higher juice capacity!

  • Dmbfan4186

    Thanks for the chance

  • Christopher Constanti

    Atlantis 2 Mega has 5ml while the Atlantis 2 has 3ml

  • andre_123

    The Atlantis 2 mega has
    5 ml tank
    more airflow options
    The Atlantis 2 has
    3ml tank
    less airflow options

  • Lisa Davis

    Am expecting my Nautilus tomorrow. I am new to this…looks like I have some catching up to do. 🙂