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  • mario

    I just got the nautilus mini and got 2 fucking bad coils i will not be telling my friends to buy this tank

  • Allen Somdahl

    I won the 4th day givaway, and was just curious how to claim the prize.

    • aspirecigservice

      Send your address to

      • Allen Somdahl

        Thank you, I sent Frank, my address.

  • rick chew

    I just purchased the aspire ESP 30watt square with aspire nautilus tank worked great foe an hour the wattage dial became stuck on 8 the place I bought it said they don’t take returns even 1 hour later, any suggestions the Internet had several posts with the Sam problem. Any suggestions

  • Robert Whitter

    I just bought the mega tank and I went to take the glass for a clean and once removed it was chipped under the stainless not cracked but chipped. Also the threads are too short for box mods to read the .3 coils properly it reads 1.0 ohm. Maybe need to check into that.

  • Darin Curson

    Where do I apply for the blog job?

  • Lyle Shepherd

    Why have you ruined your coils?

  • Tee Kona

    I have purchased 3 nauitlus and all 3 have had problems with the glass.I think the glass is not made right. Cause I don’t k is if it happened to anyone else but all 3 tanks ended breaking within a couple of weeks. The first one just literally spidered when I attempted to fill it for the first time. I thought I did something wrong so I bought another one. Well this one lasted about 2weeks before I noticed a line forming on the glass. And. The third one lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. I was wondering if any one else has a problem with the nautilus tanks. It’s vapes really good , only if the tanks weren’t so shitty.

  • spole

    I am having problems with the coils for a Cleito tank. I can only get maybe a week but for the most part three days before I am tasting cotton burning. I normally run 35 to 45 watts on either a Pico or a Vapor Flask lite. This has been going on since I bought the tanks. When I place a new coil in the flavor is terrific. But now with my Pico I have only got three days and the burnt cotton taste is back. I wouldn’t mind so much if the coils weren’t so expensive. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Again, it takes sometimes only three days before this happens so, the wicking is happening but it will, like a switch, suddenly taste like cotton burning. As for how much I am vaping, I base that on the time I have to charge the device, I normally get one and a half to two days before I have to charge the Mini or the Pico. I am getting ready to abandon the tank. Please give me some advise. Thanks.

    Edit: I should add that I normally use NET juices and they are 50/50 or 60/40 VG/PG juices.

  • Amy King

    I just got the Aspire K4 Kit about 2 months and 1 week ago. I have been diligent on cleaning and charging when the battery is dead. It helped me quit smoking. My problem is, yesterday I went to use it and within 4 puffs the battery was dead after charging it all night. I thought maybe It wasn’t plugged in all the way. I tried it again and now on day two it will not hold a charge. I took it to the store I purchased it at (e-cig N vape Seattle, Washington) great store. However, they are unable to help because they said I need a new battery. I am extremely upset as these are not cheap. Any advice friends?

  • Nick

    Can i use my aspire nautilus tank in temp mode and what Fahrenheit to I run it at

    • Tina

      The Nautilus coils are not TC coils,they can not be used under TC mode

  • Baladhara Ishaya Dennis Phelan

    Hit to many buttons perhaps ?? on my nx75 the window shows a square with a T in it and won’t change at all. Anyone no what that is about. ?

  • Kolin Galiano

    I have had the Cleito Tank since just shortly after it was released, and been very satisfied with it. I have been a loyal Aspire customer since the first Nautilus, tried almost all of your products, and have never had any problems with any of them. Recently though for the past month or two, every 5 pack of coils that I purchased for the Cleito Tank, has had 1 or 2 coils that have not been made well and have cotton bogging up the inside of the coil. Other than being visually awful to see with a brand new coil, the suction on the coil is noticeably less along with a lot of hot spit-back. Up until today I had been able to deal with it. However today, one pack that i received had 4 of the 5 coils that were this way. I don’t know if you have been lacking QA recently or perhaps changed the way you are building the coils but I thought that I should bring this to your attention. Hopefully this is something you can fix so that i am able to keep using this tank and continue buying your products.

  • Ashley

    Just bought the cleito 120 and I have only put around five puffs on it and it started leaking out the air flow control I put it away for a few day till my husband came home then he told me could be the coil and to put the extra coil from the package in I did three puffs later it had done it again what can I do

    • Tina

      If users have any question about aspire product,they can feel free to contact our service:

  • Cynthia

    I bought a K4 in May and the battery is already dead, less than 2 months of use. I took it back to the store where I bought it and he says sometimes that happens but he could not replace it. Not a happy Vapor.

  • Stuart Zane

    Love clieto 120 but wish there was another option for coils. One that did not run so hot

    • Tina

      Thank you for the suggestion,I will pass your requirement to our products development department

  • Chubb

    Nautilus Mini NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!!! Spits far too frequently and my wife should not have to refer to a mechanic (me) every time it does. Shame on you Aspire. Full refund demanded.

    • Tina

      I am sorry to hear that
      Here are some tips to avoid spitback for your reference

  • Sandy king

    Purchased the Aspire Speedo, loved it. Charged it before heading home from work. It took a thermal run away.. now scred to use it. Nothing wrong with batteries. Tried cleaning well changed coils. It immediately tried to start fire. Had to drop batteries immediately. Scared of it now. 100 dollars lost. Two months old is all..

  • Jose Antonio

    Tried to purchase 3 battery units. This site makes it difficult to purchase anything from the site with its limited payment options.

  • hercules dragon

    Hi, i have triton mini with n200 0,15 coil and pico 25 mod.
    I have put in temp control 230 celcius but i dont now how many watts can i put. Anyone knows?

  • Chuck Miller

    I bought a cygnet. I like it. It is very attractive. You offer very few gold color options in your tanks to match the cygnet. I would very much like to turn my gold nautilus X into an RDTA but gold bottom with a stainless top would not look attractive

  • Mike Matay

    What size Allen wrench comes with the Quad Flex?