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Aspire sponsors famous Boxing Match-Animal FC in Shanghai

Aspire sponsored the famous Boxing Match-Animal FC held in Shanghai on July, 1st. We specifically sponsored Kyle Rozewski who is a  professional American MMA boxer. On the event day, there were thousands of people watching the match, Aspire is willing to spread the word of vaping culture in many different fields, and let more and

Wonderful review of Aspire in Shenzhen Vape Show

The Shenzhen Ecig Expo IECIE was held on April 14-16,2017, Aspire had the biggest stand and brought several new products to premier. There were many excellent giveaways on the Aspire stand, lots of visitors came here to take part in the games and won gifts. The atmosphere was warm and electric. Aspire prepared abundance of

Nicotine Health Benefits: Yes, They’re Real

When people talking about nicotine,most people say the bad things:lung cancer, malformation, nicotine addiction…rarely know that nicotine is different from smoking. Supposedly what is so terrible about vaping is that it will lead to a “new generation of nicotine addicts.” Not that it will ruin your lungs, nor that it will give you cancer, nor

How to deal with Nautilus Mini spitting

1 Try turning your entire setup upside down and start vaping. Doing so will allow you to vaporize the excess eliquid in your coil head while preventing extra eliquid from getting to the wick. Alternatively, you can also try taking your tank apart and soaking up any excess liquid in the coil and the chimney

Vape Culture

>be in a restaurant >eating a steak >just about to cut into it >a tendril of smoke comes from over my shoulder and covers the steak >it spreads over the table >it spreads over my face >lights fade from sight >blind for several minutes >strong smell of bananas makes me gag >smokes clears >see 20

How to Rebuild Aspire Atlantis Horizontal Coil

Disassemble coil head. Be careful not to tear the rubber grommet. I don’t reuse the mesh ring, but you can if you want. Using the butt  one of those little blue screw drivers you have laying around, from the top, push out the wick and coil out through the bottom of the head. The coil/wick

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“Aspire to be different, aspire to be great.” Fully embodying the features of a company that can transform the way you live, Aspire has created the bridge towards positive change. The people behind our company are characterized by their sheer dedication to touch the lives of others through faithfully providing services and creating products that