Author: Kiki

How to Rebuild Aspire Atlantis Horizontal Coil

Disassemble coil head. Be careful not to tear the rubber grommet. I don’t reuse the mesh ring, but you can if you want. Using the butt  one of those little blue screw drivers you have laying around, from the top, push out the wick and coil out through the bottom of the head. The coil/wick

Aspire is giving away 5 Aspire Megas !

Hello all of our beloved cloud and flavor maniacs! We’re back again with another activity. This time we have a small challenge for you. We would like to spread the word about our new Aspire atlantis Mega subohm tank by giving away them! This thing is truly stratospheric! Clouds Clouds Clouds! You’ve already heard all

what’s a tootle puffer? Are YOU a Tootle Puffer??

  Hi everyone! Ok, you’ve seen the term on a few threads on ECF, the biggest e cig forum, and you’ve scratched your head thinking…… “What in the world is a Tootle Puffer?!?!” You’re not alone. Many are wondering. Yet, there are a several people who know exactly what it means, and have smiled their way