[Aspire Mother’s day Contest]Tell us how your mother loves you and receive a gift!

Hey there vapers, cloud chasers, flavor junkies, and ohmies its Mother’s Day and we wanted to take a minute to reflect on our mothers. They love us in so many ways. What about all of the little things our mothers do that drive us crazy?  Such as disliking our best friend, or telling us to get a hair cut. Even though they may annoy us with the way they dote we can’t deny that they only do it because they love us so much. We have put together a little poll of some examples we thought of, but the real fun is the giveaway we are having. We want you to share some of the things your mother does because she loves you so much. To enter we want you tell us something that your mother does out of of love for you. The submission must be received by midnight (pacific) on Mothers Day. Don’t hold back. Happy Mothers Day!

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  • kenturpel

    My Mother is a special kind of lady. While I was learning how to play the guitar. I played the same tunes over and over. And I know it must have been hard on the ears. But my mom always said “you are getting better and sound great.” I knew it wasn’t true but that extra little support kept me practicing. Fast forward 20 years and she says I’m her favorite guitar player. Every time she has a friend over while I’m visiting. She always asks me to please play guitar for her friend. It’s a little embarrassing. But she was patient and tolerant while I was learning. So I always play for them. I mean she is just so proud of me and wants to show her friends.
    There are so many reasons I love my mom and I could go on and on. But I’ll keep it short.
    Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who encourage their kids in what ever they do.

    • aspirecigservice

      Hi, you are the winner, can you send me your address and phone number to receive the gift to my email: frank@aspirecig.com?

      • kenturpel

        Yes I sure can thank you very much 🙂

      • kenturpel

        I sent all my information. And on the How I vape contest y’all told me and the winner of that contest that you would send us the tracking number of the prize tomorrow. That was five almost six days ago. People are telling me these contest aren’t legitimate. I hope that’s not true. Thank you for your time.
        Ken Turpel.

  • CharlesStults

    My moms the best, she’d do anything for me. My mom comes to all of my doctors appointments still even though I’m 29 lol. My mom calls me at least once a day just to check in/on me. My mom still celebrates Christmas with me and my sisters like we’re little kids even though I’m the youngest. She gets so excited and is constantly taking pictures. She’s also very demanding but in good ways, we’re expected for dinner at her house for every holiday. Family is very important to her. I love her a lot.

  • EaseDel

    I can’t and won’t think of the day when she isn’t around. We both have the same “we are always right ( I am less stubborn )” attitude so we tend to butt heads over every thing. Yet day in day out she puts up with me. The fact I am still here and not homeless just shows how she is. I have been nothing short of a failure but she still talks proudly of me to people ( about what I don’t even know ). I actually despise myself cause I know in reality I am just a failure of a son. Sorry for rambling. My mom is amazing.

  • Claudia A

    As of recently, she mails me the ejuices I buy in the US (I live in South America).

  • Justin Mccomiskey

    she has been there through thick and thin, when ive needed her and when ive not she is always there lurking in the background and when ive needed her she has been there for me helping me every way possible. she bathed me clothed me and never turned her back on me. if i could exchange her for another i would not. she means the world to me, an wished she could stay with me forever but this will never be, as everything has to end some day. just hope she is here on this earth for 20+ years to come. love ya mum!

  • Anton Sinistaj

    My Mom is super sweet and really really caring. She’s always been the perfect Mom. The only problem I have is when she’s with the family and they start telling old stories about us kids. Everything that ever happened to you that was embarrassing will be told.

  • Rick Roy

    My mom is awesome. Plan and simple. She is always there to support me and always makes me feel loved. As soon as I can, I will get her set up with a Nautilus mini and an ESP 30w. The nautilus mini is what got me off smoking and I think it could help her too. Thanks for the great products aspire.

    • MyklVaporRaptor

      Hi Rick! I’m Mike aka MyklVaporRaptor! Lol. I was reading the blog a Vaping on my mini when I read your post. You mentioned the mini actually got you off smoking??? Awesome man! I didn’t go out looking for that but I’ve been hoping that I’d make the complete switch to Vaping eventually. Currently I smoke cigs and Vape and I’ve done that since the invention of stick eCigs with 3 part atomizers (Vaporking) and made my own juice to fill the filters then moved up to eGo with Clearmizers and switch tanks out to bottom wicks then an Innokin itazte 3.0 vv with bottom wick cartimizers and now a Nautilus Mini! I’m working on getting a CF SUB or MOD, istic or EAP BUT hoping for an ELITE or Platenum ! If I can swing it. I have to get more power under my mini.
      But how did it help you quit! I am using mini 90%+ of the time. Can you give me some advice on what you did that worked. I’d love to throw this shit away. Thanx man! And take care of your sweet Mom while you got her. You can read my story too. But I lost mine 4 yrs sago. I sure miss her. Huge hole in my heart. Won’t heal. take care!

  • gojira83

    My mother loves me like i love Aspire… Endlessly.

  • MyklVaporRaptor

    My Moma when she was living with me during the end stage of her life, was an Angel and a blessing! She stayed with me for 5 years and ideas her primary caregiver 24/7! Everyday is get up she’s already be up and some have gotten herself dressed (up until the last week) no matter how early I got up! I make her coffee and breakfast and get her medicines ready and go in to see her. She hug me and squeeze me so tight (she was 91 when she passed) but she was strong, and she squeezed so hard and right as if she’d never let me go. And she’s like say, “Oooohhhh!!!!” As she squeezed, and “what would I ever do without you?” And I’d assure her she never had to worry about that I wasn’t going any where. And I say, “I love you!” And she say, “I love you MORE!” She ALWAYS added “MORE” to the end! I’ll never forget that! Sometimes is tease and say, “na-ugh, I love you more” and shed giggle and and pretend she was all mean, and go “Miichael, I’m your Mother, don’t argue with me!”! And we’d laugh! I sure miss those hugs and kisses in the morning. And if only I could here her say “I love you MORE!” One MORE time. But she’s out of pain and at peace in heaven and I’d never wish her back from that. She was anxious to go see my father who passed when I was 14 yrs old as well as her Mother who passed before my birth. So she’s happy. But she promised to save a place for me. And I feel her love everyday. I love you and miss you terribly MoMa, my Angel! See you again! Mike Buryanek

  • MyklVaporRaptor

    Please please vapor gods let my gift be an elite or platinum. I’ll do anything! All I have is the Nautilus Mini and that’s all it took to hook me! Now I’m burning up my little battery and need “REAL VAPOR” hardware a CF SUB or MOD to power my new tank to get the right performance. I already love love love it. That’s why I’m here! And been here everyday since I got my mini! So please have mercy on this poor boy (for now) and get me pumped and started and you are stuck with me and everyone i can drag with me for life! Thank you Frank and gang for a fun picture session and wild time following these blogs. Sure keeping use coming back and speeding the word with these contests. I getting all kinds of questions already. What’s that? Lol
    Just for fun I did another picture too! More like your example with different stages of me Vaping from tiny puff to cloud with goofy look in middle. I attached for your entertainment pleasure! Happy Moms day and have a great week! Mike Buryanek

  • MyklVaporRaptor

    OMG that would not be funny!
    Sales staff meeting,,,,,, hmmmmmm (notes from the fly on the wall)
    “Let’s see if we can get people to do stupid stuff thinking we will hive them something and we get a bunch of free advertising out of the deal! The money we save could in the millions in Hanford reach from friends sharing a share and just get tin GB more name recognition into the market to saturate areas we are loosing market share to competition. Oh and big bonus to guy that thought of this idea!!!!
    Ken I hope not buddy!

    • kenturpel

      They finally sent me a tracking number. Supposed to arrive on June 2nd. People were telling me that they have these contest but never follow through with them. Like the seven days of prizes. So of course I was wondering if they were right. I will post a picture with my prize when it gets here. I still don’t know what it is yet 🙂

  • Kenneth M. Miller

    Vaporizers were mainly designed to overcome this issue. By heating marijuana at a lower temperature than combustion, the devices produce an inhabitable vapor that still contains the active medical ingredients in marijuana, but without the harmful by-products.


  • MyklVaporRaptor (VapnMyklB)

    Hey Jen! Did you ever get your stuff? Just curious? I remember jumping t through hoops trying to get this stuff done. So I hope someone got the goods! It better be you my man! ????????

  • MyklVaporRaptor (VapnMyklB)

    To Ken NOT Jen!