Aspire is giving away 5 Aspire Megas !


Hello all of our beloved cloud and flavor maniacs! We’re back again with another activity. This time we have a small challenge for you. We would like to spread the word about our new Aspire atlantis Mega subohm tank by giving away them! This thing is truly stratospheric! Clouds Clouds Clouds! You’ve already heard all the buzz but maybe one of your friends havn’t. So here’s the skinny, lets see how if we can get some out of this world numbers. Show us 50,000 likes on Aspire’s facebook, 5000 shares, and 5000 likes of this post on facebook before 12:am pacific on Friday. If we see those kind of numbers 5 of you will be selected at random to receive one of these bad boys!
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  • nate

    well when i was younger i lived with my father in California, my mother and sisters lived in my home state of CT and it had been a while since i had seen them. I came home one day from school and got a messagephone call from my mother. Since it had been a while that i had seen her, i was confused and thought that something bad might have happened To my surprise she had bought me a plane ticket for the next day to fly back and spend Christmas with my family. Ill never forget walking off the plane, seeing my mother standing there in the airport with both my sisters(half sisters, we have different fathers) holding a sign up that said “welcome home”. It reminded me that even though i was across the country my home was where my family was, back in CT. Because of this moment i now live back in CT, close to my family and i will never forget that home is where the heart is, and that for me, is with them.

  • Dmbfan4186

    My mom loves me more then ever, especially since becoming sober!

  • kenturpel


  • John Cunningham

    Thanks again!

  • CharlesStults

    Pick me, I never win these things.

  • Rebecca Duke

    I Love your PRODUCTS!!!! Thank You!!!

  • Scott Hunter


  • Mitchell Gant

    Because I will give my everything plus respect and life for my mom cause I owe her the world and that’s just the trying to pay back a percentage. Love you momma!