Month: July 2015

What makes a good mod?

What makes a good mod? This question came up over Skype and it was surprising how many different facets to consider when answering that particular question. The size, the shape, the materials and build, whether or not the mod has a sealed battery, the wattage range, the resistance range, floating 510 connection, nice buttons, a

Triton Cleaning?

So now that the prince of the sea has arrived it seems he can be a petulant little child when it comes to his royal hygiene. So how do we deal with such a bratty prince? When my Triton is naughty I shove him under hot water. This works to flush out his insides nicely.

Electronic cigarettes; function over form

Function over form? Can you remember your first ecig? What did it look like? Or maybe you know someone who has or uses a mod that looks like something out of an episode of Dr. Who or Star Wars. You know exactly what I mean too. The big unwieldy futuristic devices that seem more concerned