Aspire’s Website Has A New Look

Welcome to the new aspire website! You may have noticed some changes around here. We felt our site should reflect our personality. Previously, we were using a pre-made template. But after spending some time to come up with our own creative design, our

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Aspire atlantis 2 vs subtank nano vs delta 2 vs starre vs vct pro vs atlantis mega vs melo vs isub vs herakles

Today, I'm making a comparison of some sub ohm tanks on the market.

Aspire Atlantis 2
Kanger subtank nano
Joyetech Delta II
FreeMax Starre
Aspire Atlantis Mega
Eleaf Melo
Innokin iSub Tank

Are they the sub ohm tanks on the market? No, as

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Aspire Really Does Listen To It’s Customers

The Aspire brand is recognized worldwide as the premier manufacturer for vaping and e-cigarette devices, and this level of brand recognition was not achieved by accident. The level of commitment and loyalty Aspire has for its customer’s is like no other in the industry. Every product Aspire developed has been based heavily on customer voice and in-depth research from discussions within the vaping community. This intricate attention to Windows 7 Product Key Free For You customer opinion can be seen every time an Aspire product is held and used, and is one of many reasons why knowledgeable vapers choose the Aspire brand.

Besides for making aesthetically attractive and highly functional devices, Aspire also Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key makes it a priority to put customer’s health first. This prioritization of health was quickly proven when questions were raised regarding the ceramic wicking material used in both the Atlantis and Nautilus tanks. Immediately after hearing these concerns, Aspire had multiple tests completed on the ceramic fiber to ensure that there were no harmful carcinogens, and then released the results to the public. When this did not suffice the concerns of customers, Aspire opted to replace the material used to organic Japanese cotton— the preferred and best wicking material available-to-date. The suggestion for Aspire to use this new material was primarily due to customers voicing their opinions via e-mail, Reddit, and Aspire’s forums— this proves Aspire does listen. This improved wicking Windows 7 Home Premium ISO material is now used in all Aspire’s flagship products, and has also enhanced both flavor and vapor production in the devices.

As you can see, Aspire truly is a consumer focused company, and will do whatever they can to put their customer’s needs first. So, if you feel any of their products can be better in anyway, let your voice be heard, they will listen and consider your suggestion. Download Windows 10 Free Download  |


How to deal with Nautilus Mini spitting

1 Try turning your entire setup upside down and start vaping. Doing so will allow you to vaporize the excess eliquid in your coil head while preventing extra eliquid from getting to the wick. Alternatively, you can also try taking your tank apart and soaking up any excess liquid in the coil and the chimney (the tube that leads from the coil head to your drip tip) with a paper towel or Q-Tip.
2 Take the Mini apart, unscrew the coil, soak all parts apart from the coil in warm water for 5 minutes.
Wipe the coil with a paper towel and clean out with a Q tip. Clean out the base the coil screws into with a Q Tip. Re-assemble, screwing the coil in tightly.
Screw the glass tightly to the base, fill and Toot.
3 did you end up cracking the glass because the bottom part wouldnt unscrew?
if you have a spare coil go ahead and pop it in and see how that works out for you.
if you dont have a spare….
-first remove the drip tip and see if any liquid has pooled up underneath it and dab it out with a paper towel. also, roll up a piece of paper towel real thin and stick it through the center tube like a pipe cleaner to dab up any excess liquid in the chamber
-unscrew the coil and soak it [the coil] in hot water or rubbing alcohol for a bit and also let some water run through it. if you go the rubbing alcohol route make sure you rinse it off good. you can let it soak in hot water for long enough until the water cools down. either way a few minutes of soaking and rinsing should be fine. dab up any excess water with a paper towel and blow through it a couple times to get out any water remaining inside. screw the coil back into your tank and let it soak up the juice for a few minutes, fire it up and see if that changes anything.


Vape Culture

>be in a restaurant
>eating a steak
>just about to cut into it
>a tendril of smoke comes from over my shoulder and covers the steak
>it spreads over the table
>it spreads over my face
>lights fade from sight
>blind for several minutes

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